The days of Kristian Alfonso’s life will certainly look different now that she’s leaving the NBC soap Days of our Lives.

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And it no sound like there’s any kind of love lost in between Alfonso, who played expect Williams Brady off and on since 1983, and her former employers. In a Soap Opera Digest Q&A cited by TVLine, the actress stated that together of late, the show hasn’t to be “the Days of our Lives as I understand it.”

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Alfonso no the first actor to leave a daytime drama amid drama, the course. Scroll under to read around other acrimonious soap opera departures.

Brenda Dickson, The Young and the Restless


David Buchan/Getty Images

Dickson, who originated the duty of Jill Abbott on Y&R, claimed in her 2013 autobiography the she was fired from the present in 1987 and also blacklisted by william J. Bell, creator the both Y&R and The Bold and also the Beautiful.

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Beverlee McKinsey, Guiding Light

McKinsey quote an leave clause in her contract when she abruptly left Guiding Light in 1992, ~ eight years of play Alexandra Spaulding. “I had warned Jill —although ns don’t think she paid attention to me—that ns was not happy,” the actress called Soap Opera Digest in 2004. “I was no happy v the storyline. I don’t think she’d read my contract, and she was not mindful that I can quit every 6 months. I claimed to her at the moment that I questioned that i was unhappy, ‘I might just need to quit.’ and she said, ‘You have actually a contract.’ and I said, ‘You far better read it.’”

Michael Zaslow, Guiding Light

Zaslow to be let go from Guiding Light in 1997 after ~ his symptom from ALS, a gradual nervous device disease, started to show. The shooting left the unemployed with two daughters come support, together The Washington Post reported in 1999. “They dubbed him in after ~ a show and said, ‘Michael, this is her last show. We’re going to need to replace you,’” his widow, Susan Hufford, said the newspaper. “He remained in shock; us all were.”

Chadwick Boseman, All mine Children


Kelsey McNeal/ABC

Boseman played Reggie Porter Montgomery on All my Children in 2003 however objected to the stereotypical aspects of the role, and he lost the component to future Black Panther costar Michael B. Jordan. “They said, ‘You space too much trouble,’ but they took my suggestions, or several of them,” Boseman told TheWrap in 2019. “And for me, honestly, that’s what this is about.”

Eric Braeden, The Young and also the Restless



Braeden summary left Y&R in 2009 ~ contract negotiations with Sony damaged down. “There is no evaluation of the reality that i have been crucial part that the present for almost 30 years that has been No. 1 in the ratings,” he told Entertainment Weekly during the impasse. “That’s extraordinary. So to be encountered in a perfunctory matter as if you had just well-known these people for a few months is what is most offensive.”

Michael Muhney, The Young and the Restless


Jason Kempin/Getty Images

According come TMZ, Muhney to be fired native Y&R in 2014 after costar Hunter King alleged that he had actually fondled her on two occasions. He denied the report, calling the a “salacious rumor.”

Jonathon McClendon, Days of ours Lives


Jonathan Leibson/Getty pictures for AT&T and Saban Films

McClendon blasted Days of ours Lives in now-deleted tweets after playing chase Jennings ~ above the soap for practically a year. “It’s time for the pan to understand the
nbcdays is f**king everyone over,” he wrote in 2017, every TV collection Finale. He additionally claimed that the show had been on because that “too long” and used the hashtag “#DownWithDays.”

Kristian Alfonso, Days of ours Lives


Chris Haston/NBC

In July, Alfonso called Entertainment Tonight she to be “taken aback” when Days producer told she they were planning to create her turn off the display for four to five months, and also she made decision it was time to leave the present for good.