The exodus the actors appears to be proceeding on “Days of our Lives,” with an additional shocking announcement about one of the show’s heritage characters.

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In enhancement to a lengthy list the other large names native the NBC soap who room leaving, Greg Vaughan, that portrays Eric Brady and just witnessed his onscreen personality marry Nicole pedestrian (Arianne Zucker), has actually announced his to plan to leaving the display as well. While appearing on “General Hospital” stars Steve Burton and also Bradford Anderson display “LUCKY in low Country,” Vaughan stated his time had finished at “Days,” hinting he realized it to be “time” when the display released the entire actors from their contracts in November 2019 as component of the show’s renewal.

It’s unclear once his character’s departure will be, or just how it may impact his onscreen marriage, yet his is no the just exitthat has happened. Inspect out the full list the stars who previously announced departures.

Kristian Alfonso

Perhaps the many shocking exit from the display is that of Alfonso, that has illustrated Hope Brady because that 37 years. Alfonso announced in July the she had actually quit the show, and also revealed in a later on interview that she decided to part ways with the soap once she was told her character was going come be created off because that a four-five month period and then return because that a romance v a marine SEAL, yet she instead opted out. She additionally revealed the she would not return for guest arcs, meaning that unless Hope was recast later down the line, it to be truly the finish of Hope’s story.

Galen Gering (RafeHernandez)

Gering confirmed earlier this year the his time asRafe(a character he portrayed because 2008) had ended and also his contract with the present expired. He reportedly finished taping scene on Feb. 13, meaning that the show"s six-month manufacturing lead time has him critical airing in one of two people August or September. That is right now unclear just how his character will be created out.


In an Instagram post in May,Haiduk, who portrays KristenDiMera, revealed that once again, her character was heading off-canvas. While her exit was enraged to no be a irreversible one, and also she has since returned for a tiny guest arc over two current episodes, the doesn’t appear she is collection to make a more concrete return anytime soon.

Kate Mansi

Mansi, who reverted as AbigailDiMerain 2019, ended her return operation on the present in May, with Abigail heading to Florida for therapy after she started suffering indigenous hallucinations again and was revealed to have been drugged. Though Mansi is stepping away, the personality is collection to be checked out again, through Marci Miller return to handle the roleonce again.

Chandler Massey (Will Horton) and Freddie smith (SonnyKiriakis)

The show’s only same-sexsuper couple, who likewise had the an initial male/male wedding in daytime TV, evidenced they were also leaving the display in 2020, and also they had been brought earlier for six episodes following the hiatus, but after that, castle were created off the show. Smith has because teased the departure to, saying “It’s such a large moment. I’m not going to answer the one since it’s together a huge moment. I don’t understand what I deserve to or cannot share.”

Casey Moss (JJ Devereaux)

While his departure developed in February, meaning he was likely slated to exit prior to being officially released from his contract, Moss left the show with his character, JJ Devereaux, heading to Africa for his off-screen grandfather’s funeral, though he never ever returned with the remainder of his family.

Otherrumoreddeparturesinclude Victoria Konefal (Ciara Brady) and CamilaBanus(Gabi Hernandez), but neither actress has confirmed the rumors.

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“Days of our Lives” airs day of the week on NBC.

Greg Vaughan, pictured through Arianne Zucker, has shown his leave as among the latest to it is in leaving "Days of our Lives." Photo: XJ Johnson/JPI Studios because that NBC