All an excellent things must concerned an end. Cady McClain is leaving work OF OUR resides where she has played Jennifer Horton Deveraux since October 2020. The soap tapped McClain come step into Jennifer’s shoes when portrayer Melissa Reeves opted to stay with her household in Tennessee and not go back to California throughout the continuous COVID-19 pandemic.

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McClain had plenty the meaty material to sink her teeth into!XJJohnson/

During her run on DAYS, McClain has had some an extremely juicy story come play together Jennifer found that while she was lingering in a coma, Jack had cheated ~ above her v Kate and then later on learning the Jack had actually a long-lost daughter, Gwen, that was the end for revenge! once the recast was announced back in September 2020, there to be no method of knowing exactly how long it would certainly last, however Soap Opera Digest is reporting that Jennifer will leave Salem and also head come Boston v her critical airdate slated because that Wednesday, Jan. 17.

Boston is wherein Jennifer’s mother, Laura, has been living, therefore it would seem most likely she’ll head come Massachusetts following her mom’s death. Will certainly Jennifer ever before return come Salem? and also will McClain or Reeves it is in the one playing her? just time will tell, so remain tuned!

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