Happy Monday, “Days Of our Lives” fans.` us hope girlfriend guys delighted in your weekend. Another brand-new week of job Of Our resides episodes have actually started. That means we are earlier in activity to tell girlfriend what’s coming up for the remainder of this week, starting with tomorrow’s new Tuesday, October 19, 2021 installment.

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We were able to gain our hands on another new set of main teaser scoops because that the October 29, 2021 episode from the terrific NBC people. So, we are certainly going cracked those open and see what’s going on best now. Let’s perform it.

To start, that sounds like tomorrow’s brand-new Tuesday, October 19, 2021 illustration will feature some very interesting, possible dramatic and also intense scenes as john starts wonder if Marlena is possessed. Johnny decides to save his movie going. Philip gets advice native Lucas and also Kate. Brady gives Chloe a ar to stay and also more.

We’ll go ahead and also start off this spoiler session with the John and Marlena situation. It transforms out that things will it is in so negative with Marlena that man will start thinking the Marlena could be possessed.

NBC’s official summary for this recent John and Marlena storyline tells us, “John wonders if Marlena could be possessed.” An alternating description reads choose this, “John has a hunch the he doesn’t want to it is in true, but he can’t assist but ponder the his wife could be possessed again.”

The 2nd spoiler scoop reveals the Johnny will certainly throw every caution come the wind in this episode as he will decide to store pushing forward with his big, movie project.

NBC’s description for this latest Johnny storyline tells us, “Johnny move forward through his movie.” An alternative description reads prefer this, “On the heels the Marlena’s big move yesterday, Johnny’s prepared to start manufacturing of his movie.”

The third spoiler teaser reveals the Kate and Lucas will have actually a new conversation with Philip in ~ some allude in this episode. Once they do, lock will give Philip some advice about what he have to do about the Chloe situation.

NBC’s description for this Kate, Lucas, Philip and also Chloe storyline speak us, “Kate and also Lucas offer Philip advice about Chloe.” An alternating description reads choose this,” Kate and Lucas toss their 2 cents toward Philip worrying Chloe.”

The fourth and last teaser description for tomorrow’s new October 19, 2021 installment lets us know that Brady will have actually a brand-new scene through Chloe at part point. When this particular moment bring away place, we will view Brady offer up come Chloe a place to reside for the moment being.

NBC’s description for this Brady and also Chloe scenario tells us, “Brady uses Chloe a ar to stay.” An alternate description reads favor this, “Chloe finds herself gift made an sell by Brady.”

Alright guys. That’s every the spoiler scoops we might hunt under for tomorrow’s brand-new October 19, 2021 installment of work of our Lives, yet certainly mean to see other scenes play the end that to be not discussed here.

“Days Of our Lives” commonly airs every Monday with Friday at approximately 12 pm main standard time ~ above NBC. Remain tuned.

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