Happy Friday and also weekend, “Days Of our Lives” fans. We hope you guys delighted in today’s new, week-ending episode. Now that it’s officially complete, we are ago to tell girlfriend what is going under in next week’s batch of new episodes, starting with Monday’s new October 4, 2021 edition.

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The beloved folks end at NBC came with again by serving up some new, main teaser descriptions because that the October 4, 2021 installment. So, we’re walk to take a look in ~ those ideal now.

First thing’s first. The sounds choose Monday’s new October 4, 2021, week-starting illustration will function some intense, dramatic, exciting and feasible emotional scenes together Doug do the efforts to avoid Marlena native hurting Julie! Abe it s okay some help from Abe. Paulina and also Lani have actually a conversation. EJ walk to gain Nicole for your date and also more.

We’ll walk ahead and start turn off this spoiler session through the Doug and Marlena situation. It turns out that Marlena is walk to shot to inflict harm upon Julie in this episode! So, we’ll watch Doug make his effort to shot and prevent Marlena!

NBC’s official description for this Doug and Marlena scenario speak us, “Doug tries to prevent Marlena indigenous harming Julie.” An alternative description reads choose this, “As the devil proceeds to torment the residents of Salem, Doug is determined to prevent Marlena’s unwelcome visitor native harming Julie.”

The 2nd spoiler scoop reveals that Abe will have actually a romantic surprise that he desires to spring on Paulina at some point. So, us will watch Chanel provide Abe a help hand with his endeavor.

NBC’s summary for this Chanel and also Abe storyline tells us,”Chanel assists Abe v his romantic surprised for Paulina.” An alternate description reads choose this, “Abe’s gained big, romantic plans because that Paulina, and he it s okay an help in pulling things off from her daughter, Chanel.”

The third spoiler teaser reveals that Paulina and Lani will certainly be security a little time together in this episode. Once they do, castle will finish up talking about some things that have actually taken place in the past.

NBC’s description for this Paulina and Lani conversation tells us, “Paulina and also Lani talk about the past.” An alternative description reads favor this, “Paulina has actually a talk with Lani around days gone by.”

The fourth and last teaser summary for Monday’s new October 4, 2021 installment allows us recognize that EJ and also Nicole will have some brand-new scenes together EJ will go to pick up Nicole because that their date at some point.

NBC’s description for this EJ and also Nicole scenario tells us, “EJ choose up Nicole for your date.” An alternate description reads choose this, “History seems poised come repeat itself together Nicole and also EJ obtain ready to go on a date.”

Alright guys. That’s all the spoiler scoops we might gather up for Monday’s brand-new October 4, 2021 episode of job Of ours Lives, however certainly mean to see other scenes get displayed that to be not stated here.

“Days Of our Lives” generally airs every Monday through Friday at approximately 12 pm central standard time top top NBC. Remain tuned.

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