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A rep for the daytime soap evidenced the show"s suspension come Fox News top top Friday.

"Days of our Lives" will go back to NBC on august 9, 2021. According to KFDX/KJTL, "The now Show" and "Judge Judy" will not be influenced by the sports programming.

When "DOOL" returns, fans of the Emmy-winning drama collection can look forward to seeing Backstreet boys alum AJ McLean.

"There is a certain daytime TV display that mine grandmother and I provided to watch farming up. Okay drop a pair of clues – Bo, Hope, Patch. Ring a bell?" he said on Instagram.

The singer was, that course, introduce to personalities Bo Brady and Hope Williams Brady, play by Peter Reckell and also Kristian Alfonso, respectively.

"Your’s truly is do a guest appearance on this present right here," McLean teased. "Oh mine god ns freaking out. Therefore exciting. Ns hope made friend proud grandma."

‘Days of ours Lives’ to be renwed for Season 57 and also 58. (NBCU picture Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty images via Getty Images)

In might 2021, NBC, Corday Productions and also Sony pictures Television announced that "Days of our Lives" to be picked up because that two more years. This renewal will take one of TV’s many iconic collection through its 57th and 58th seasons.

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"After more than 55 year of bringing drama, adventure and also romance to screens approximately the world, we are thrilled and honored to bring on the"Days of our Lives"legacy for an additional two years," claimed executive producer Ken Corday. "We room thankful come NBC for their enduringcommitment come the show and grateful to proceed this exorbitant journey v our fans for years come come."


"Days of our Lives," i beg your pardon is currently in its 56th season, aired it’s 14,000th illustration in December and remains NBC’s longest-running series. Set in the fictitious Midwestern town of Salem, the core family members are the Bradys, Hortons, Carvers, DiMeras, and Kiriakises. The show’s multi-layered storylines continue to record audiences with facets of romance, adventure, mystery, comedy, and drama.

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