ONE that America's longest-running scripted television show Days Of our Lives has been airing weekday's due to the fact that November 1965.

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Following the 2007 cancellation of Passions, Days Of our Lives remains the just soap opera airing top top NBC.

The NBC soap opera focuses on its core families, the Hortons, the DiMeras and also the Bradys, that reside in a town called Salem, a fictional Midwestern suburb.

Like various other soap operas, Days Of our Lives often faces love, family, marriage, adultery, divorce, death, and also sex.

Many the the show’s ongoing story lines have involved characters in protracted catastrophic love triangles or with tricks that might harm themselves or their loved ones.

Since it's start in 1965, the actors members have actually frequently changed with many actors leaving the show and also then periodically returning.

Days that Our resides is the 5th longest-running television showCredit: Getty photos - Getty

Frances Reid, that played matriarch Alice Horton, was a consistent on the display from that debut till 2007.

The show has to be a parody through the map out comedy series SCTV and also the sitcom Friends.

How countless seasons of work of Our lives are there?

Since it's begin over 50 years ago, days of Our lives has created 56 seasons and also over 14,000 episodes.

The only other television mirrors that have produced much more seasons 보다 Days of Our resides are general Hospital, Coronation Street, The tonight Show and Guiding Light.

In February 2021, the soap opera presented the series' recent character, Aunt Paulina Prince, played by Jackée Harry.

In a clip announcing her new role, she said: "I'm bold, I'm fabulous, and you know I'm going to stir increase trouble! Let's perform this!"


Suzanne Rogers has actually portrayed Maggie Horton due to the fact that August 1973Credit: Getty images - Getty

The sitcom star made her daytime debut together the brand-new personality in the march 1, 2021, episode of the soap.

Harry, 64, is best known her roles as Sandra Clark, the sexy nemesis of mary Jenkins, on the NBC TV collection 227, and as Lisa Landry top top the ABC/The WB sitcom Sister, Sister.

Paulina is indirectly pertained to the Carver family and returns come Salem to reconnect through her prolonged family.

"Paulina is a genuine estate mogul from Miami who obviously enjoys the an excellent life, and also she’s got plenty of secrets that will be revealed in early out course," writes Soaps in Depth.

"But initially, she’s just in Salem come visit she niece’s new babies and also get to recognize the family… particularly Abe, the male who knocked up her sister!"

Days that Our stays spoilers speak Paulina’s walk to it is in an eccentric, fun character that brings some good drama.

Paulina will shake things up in Salem and most likely come to be a new love interest for Abe.

Who is the longest tenure gibbs in job Of our Lives?

The longest tenured actors member is currently Suzanne Rogers, who has actually portrayed Maggie Horton since the character was introduced in respectable 1973,

Frances Reid, who played matriarch Alice Horton, was the longest-running actors member who regularly appeared on the show due to the fact that its debut until 2007.




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Actresses Susan Seaforth Hayes and Deidre Hall, who portray Julie Olson Williams and D. Marlena Evans, are right now the 2nd and third longest tenured actors on Days of ours Lives, joining in 1968 and also 1976.

In February 2021, Jackée Harry ended up being the newest actors member on job Of our LivesCredit: Getty pictures - Getty

How have the right to I watch Days of our Lives?

Days that Our stays airs weekdays in ~ 1pm top top NBC.

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The entire collection is easily accessible to stream on Peacock, i m sorry folks deserve to sign up for free or by choosing Peacock Premium because that $4.99 or $9.99 a month.