‘Days Of our Lives‘ spoiler tease the Christian Ganiere has joined the cast of the NBC soap opera as Parker Jonas – the five year old child of Dr. Daniel Jonas and also Chloe Lane. The character of Parker hasn’t actually been seen on the ‘Days Of ours Lives’ canvas since September 2015 – and the last time Parker was spotted in Salem, the personality was shown by brothers Evan and also Luke Kruntchev.

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There is no news yet on why TPTB in ~ ‘Days Of our Lives’ recast the character – yet considering the large storylines coming up for little Parker, it’s not shocking. Parker will certainly most likely be getting a many of screen time in 2016. Not only do ‘DOOL‘ spoiler tease the his father Daniel Jonas (Shawn Christian) is exiting the NBC soap opera, however he might be killed off every together. And, after years of being an absentee parent – Parker’s mother Chloe roadway (Nadia Bjorlin) is returning to ‘Days Of our Lives‘ for great in 2016.

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According to ‘Days Of ours Lives’ spoiler from Jason 47, Christian Ganiere will make his debut as Parker Jonas in January 2016. Soap Opera Spy would choose to welcome Christian Ganiere come ‘DOOL’ – and also wish that the best of happy on his brand-new acting gig. Are you excited because that Parker’s upcoming storylines? perform you think Christian is a an excellent addition to the ‘Days’ cast? permit us know what you think in the comments below and also don’t forget to check earlier tomorrow for much more ‘Days’ spoilers and also news.

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