Kevin Dobson, best known for his work-related on TV tv series Kojak, Knots Landing and job of ours Lives, has actually died. He to be 77.

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The joined Veterans the supervisory board of san Joaquin ar announced the actor’s death on Facebook. Dobson, who passed away on Sunday, served as chairman of the mountain Joaquin county group.

Dobson to be born in new York on march 18, 1943. Prior to pursuing his acting career, the new York native first worked multiple positions because that the lengthy Island Railroad. After working as brakeman and conductor because that the transportation system, he worked as a waiter.

The actor became a regular challenge on TV in the beforehand 1970s, landing a collection regular duty as Detective Bobby Crocker in Kojak, sidekick to star Telly Savalas’ sublievenant Theo Kojak. Additional co-stars to be George Savalas, note Russell and also Dan Frazer.

In 1982 Dobson take it on a brand-new series regular function as Mack MacKenzie in CBS’ famous drama Knots Landing. In the golden Globe-nominated show Dobson acted with Michele Lee, Nicollette Sheridan and Ted Shackelford.

Dobson starred in a handful of various other TV series including The Doctors, The Rookies, Emergency!and Stranded.

While he’s most well-known for his TV work, Dobson additionally starred in a variety of films together well. He play Ensign George gay in Jack Smight’s Midway, Bobby Gibbons in every Night long and Donald Shawnessy in She’s No Angel.

Among his most recent credits are One Life to Live, Dark Power, job of ours Lives, Hawaii Five-0 and also House that Lies. In Days the actor played Mickey Horton, adhering to John Clarke and John Ingle.

Dobson collection to appear the TV collection 12 to Midnight, which will premiere in 2021.

Survivors are Dobson’s mam Susan and their youngsters Mariah, Patrick and Sean.

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