The pickup come after extended negotiations in between the network and also Sony photos TV, i beg your pardon distributes the daytime soap.

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DAYS of OUR resides -- Season: 55 -- Fifty fifth Anniversary Portrait -- Pictured: cast -- (Photo by: kris Haston/NBC)Chris Haston/NBC
Days of ours Lives will continue for numerous hundred more days top top NBC.

The network has provided a two-season rebirth to the daytime drama that will certainly take the display through that is 58th season. The pickup comes, as it has a couple of times in current years, after extended negotiations with distributor Sony images TV.

“We couldn’t be happier to bring our loyal fans two more seasons that Days of ours Lives and continue what has been an certain remarkable achievement in television,” claimed Michael Sluchan, executive, management vp scripted collection & kids’ programming in ~ NBCUniversal Television and Streaming. “A large thank you come Ken Corday and the cast and also crew for their incredible passion for storytelling that proceeds to reach new generations that viewers.”

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Days wrapped production on that is 56th season in April, having actually banked enough episodes to run through the summer. Rejuvenation talks to be underway then, through writers already working front on story for the 2021-22 season.

“After much more than 55 year of happen drama, adventure and also romance to screens around the world, we space thrilled and honored to bring on the Days of ours Lives tradition for another two years,” stated Corday. “We space thankful to NBC for your enduring commitment come the show and also grateful to proceed this wonderful journey v our fans for years come come.”

Negotiations because that the drama’s future have actually at times to be fraught in current years. Cast members were released from your contracts in November 2019, ~ the present had sheathe its 55th season; a pickup for season 56 came shortly thereafter.

Corday Productions likewise sued Sony in 2019, explain the studio hadn’t placed forth its finest efforts at distributing Days of our Lives. The case said Sony made a decision to “eliminate any type of competition to its wholly owned series The Young and also the Restless. … In the annals the Hollywood television, that is an overwhelming to determine a distributor an ext guilty of blatant dispute of interest, deceit, perfidy, and also abuse of industry power.”

A referee dismisseda number of the cases in the suit, although the allegation the Sony failed to adequately sector Daysof our Livesand share marketing costs was permitted to relocate forward.

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The soap aired that is 14,000th episode in December and also is NBC’s longest-running entertain series. Days premiered in November 1965 and also is the second longest-running daytime drama at this time on the air. ABC’s General Hospital holds that title, having debuted in 1963.