The soap opera community as a totality was surprised when Tyler Christopher took a temporary leave of lack from his duty as Stefan DiMera on job of our Lives. They were completely shocked a few months later when it was revealed that Tyler had decided not to go back to the soap opera at all. You never recognize if the could adjust in the future. 

Tyler was changed in the duty by Brandon Barash, who had played Johnny Zacchara on tyler old stoming grounds, general Hospital. When the initial temporary replacement was announced back in September, Brandon’s scenes as Stefan no air till mid-March since Days tapes so much in advance.

His GH Years

Tyler very first came to the attention of the daytime neighborhood in 1996 once he source the role of Nikolas Cassadine on basic Hospital. HIs character was the nephew of soap opera legend Stephen Nichols. Tyler to be nominated for his an initial Emmy in 1998, just two brief years into his very first daytime role! he didn’t success that year, yet he took home the Emmy because that Lead actor in 2016, through several other nominations between 1998 and also his very first win. The is nominated because that the 2019 Emmy in the command Actor category for his quick stint top top Days. It would certainly be an excellent if he acquired the win.

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Tyler has been concerned as one of the ideal actors top top daytime television since his debut in 1996. However, fans have regularly heard rumors and internet rumblings the Tyler having personal demons. He left general Hospital the an initial time in 1999 and also had 2 other short stints before he left the soap for great in 2016 and also started on job in 2017. There has been speculation he could return to GH.

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Why he Left

Tyler recently offered an interview come soap newspaper Soaps In Depth giving more details about the factors for his departure. Up until now, he had been mum top top the specifics. That did throw Brandon his assistance on Twitter and also seemed to end things amicably through the soap’s head honchos. Brandon and also Tyler were both on General Hospital

According to Tyler, as soon as he welcomed the role on Days, he moved his household from California to Indiana because that financial factors (lower price of living) and commuted come California come tape his scenes. He confided come SID the the commute eventually came to be too lot for him and also that he had actually missed the end on a the majority of his children’s events.

Tyler says that the commute and being one absentee father ended up being too lot of a problem. That told SID, “Alcohol seeks is other I’ve battled since I was a teenager. I’ve had some remarkable success through it and some really terrible failures.” that went on to say the he left the show to deal with those issues. It sounds prefer he is taking care of himself.

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He questioned a publication that the is writing about his struggles with alcoholism. Tyler wishes he can assist others by share his story. No word however on as soon as this book will be released. Hopefully, this publication helps someone through their struggles. 

The full interview is available in the new issue that SID. Discover out if Tyler Christopher plans to return to soaps in the future. Make sure you don’t miss out on Days of ours Lives and General Hospital weekdays. 


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