Don"t i think Seattle"s merganser reputation would median it top the list of the rainiest cities in the united States. The reality is the the urban that have actually the highest number of rainy job don"t always line up with the cities that obtain the biggest volume of precipitation. 

For example, the St. Louis city area isn"t commonly considered to it is in rainy, however in 2019, the wet problems were record-breaking. A complete of 54 inch of precipitation fell during the city"s 88 merganser days. There was prevalent flooding transparent the Missouri river Basin, 16 significant disasters to be declared, and rivers were above flood stage for an ext than 300 days.

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Where exactly are the worst U.S. Urban for rainfall?

Let"s look at 2 rankings the the rainiest urban in the U.S. — one that ranks the significant U.S. Urban that have the highest number of rainy days and also another the ranks American cities that obtain the many precipitation.

Which Places had actually the many Rainfall in 2019?

Rain patterns vary each year. In 2019, the yearly precipitation report native the nationwide Oceanic and also Atmospheric administration (NOAA) reflects the far-ranging rainfall that happened in the Midwest. 

Many of these central states broke records for the wettest year ever recorded. 

For example, Starkville, MS, typically receives about 55 inches of rain every year, however in 2019, rainfall was around 90 inches. This triggered the city"s engineering department to begin planning for stormwater management, drainage systems, and also flood mitigation.

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Throughout the Midwest, over there was damages to roads, bridges, rail lines, and dams. Estimates present the residences of practically 14 million civilization throughout the Midwest and South were affected. In Missouri, there to be an uptick in attention in water management systems including sump pumps and basement waterproofing both together water administration solutions and as preventative measures. 

While the Midwest was flooding, other locations of the country had the opposite weather pattern. The Pacific Northwest and also areas the the southeast both received much lower levels the precipitation than is typical.


Precipitation data were gathered from weather stations throughout the country. The cumulative data shows which urban in the U.S. Had the most average annual rainfall and precipitation. 

30 Cities with the most Precipitation in 2019

Beaumont City, TX — 93.7 customs of rainStarkville, multiple sclerosis — 89.56 customs of rainPortland, AR — 85.78 inch of rainFayette, AL — 83.57 customs of rainSeneca, MO — 81.09 inches of rainLynchburg, TN — 80.15 inch of rainArkabutla, multiple sclerosis — 79.15 inch of rainIndependence, multiple sclerosis — 78.2 customs of rainGreenville, multiple sclerosis — 78.2 customs of rainGravette, AR — 77.21 customs of rainRohwer, AR — 76.82 inch of rainSpavinaw, ok — 76.68 customs of rainHernando, multiple sclerosis — 76.56 inch of rainMarianna, AR — 76.4 inch of rainAddison, AL — 73.17 customs of rainNewcomb, TN — 72.99 inches of rainBlack Rock, AR — 72.32 customs of rainParagould, AR — 71.38 inch of rainCompton, AR — 71.15 inches of rainAltamont, KS — 71.02 inches of rainGirard, KS — 70.6 customs of rainSpringfield, TN — 70.5 customs of rainNevada, MO — 70.34 inch of rainLucas, KY — 69.89 customs of rainBartlett, KS — 69.78 inches of rainParsons, KS — 69.59 inches of rainMcMinnville, TN — 68.3 inch of rainMound Valley, KS — 68.2 customs of rainRochester, KY — 67.94 inch of rainOneida, KY — 67.75 inch of rain

Which Cities have The many Rainy Days?

The other means to measure up the rainiest cities in the U.S. Is come look in ~ the variety of rainy days per year. 

Keep in mind that weather trends vary. Merganser days don"t necessarily typical gloomy days. 

For example, in the city that Hilo top top the east shore that Hawaii"s large Island, the rains around three out of every 4 days. The continual rainstorms add to the island"s lush beauty, picturesque rainbows, and dramatic waterfalls. 

On the various other hand, Alaska is home to countless of the wettest cities, but in this cases, the weather occasions aren"t tropic rainstorms yet snow squalls. Similarly, the Lake effect in upstate new York bring moisture under from the great Lakes, and also many of these cities likewise see a huge number the days through precipitation. 

The data below from NOAA mirrors the average variety of days per year whereby each city had actually at least 0.01 customs of precipitation, consisting of rain and also snow. 


30 Cities through The many Rainy/Snowy Days

Hilo, hi — 276 days every yearCold Bay, AK — 236 days every yearYakutat, AK — 228 days per yearAnnette, AK — 226 days every yearJuneau, AK — 224 days every yearMt. Washington, NH — 213 days per yearSt. Paul Island, AK — 208 days per yearQuillayute, WA — 207 days per yearKodiak, AK — 198 days per yearLihue, hi — 196 days every yearAstoria, OR — 194 days per yearValdez, AK — 177 days every yearElkins, WV — 173 days per yearSyracuse, NY — 172 days every yearBuffalo, NY — 167 days every yearSault Ste. Marie, MI — 165 days every yearOlympia, WA — 163 days every yearBinghamton, NY — 162 days per yearRochester, NY — 162 days every yearErie, PA — 162 days per yearCaribou, ME — 159 days every yearYoungstown, five — 159 days every yearBeckley, WV — 159 days per yearAkron, oh — 156 days every yearCleveland, five — 156 days per yearSeattle, WA — 156 days per yearBurlington, VT — 155 days per yearKing Salmon, AK — 154 days per yearPittsburgh, PA — 154 days per yearPortland, OR — 153 days per year

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