These paragraph let friend tell the moment or check out a calendar. The examples will be much easier if you learn just how to use numbers first.

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job of the week
E fitu aso o le vaiaso » there are seven days in the week.

The work are named using a combination of and borrowed words:

Aso Sā » Sunday Aso Tofi » Thursday
Aso Gafua » Monday Aso Faraile » Friday
Aso Lua » Tuesday Aso To"ona"i » Saturday
Aso Lulu » Wednesday

month of the year

E sefululua masina o le tausaga

The months space named an in similar way to English:

Ianuari » January Iulai » July
Fepuari » February "Aokuso » august
Mati » march Setema » September
"Aperila » April "Oketopa » October
Me » may Novema » November
Iuni » June Tesema » December

times of work

taimi o le aso » times of day
vaveao » beforehand morning taeao » morning
aoāuli » afternoon afiafi evening
po » night

parts of the clock

Le uati » the clock
Vae umī » long arm
Vae pu"upu"u » quick arm

units of time

minute » minute
sekone » second
itūlā » hour
le aso atoa » the totality day

When speaking around time, the following words are additionally needed:

kuata » quarter afa » half
toe » until te"a » after

example conversations


Clock 1

instance 1
Ua ta se fia? » What time is it?
Ua ta le fa » It"s four.


Clock 2

example 2
Ua fia minute ua te"a ai le fa? » How plenty of minutes past four is it?
Kuata e te"a ai. » It"s quarter past it.
E sefulu-lima minute e te"a ai le fa » It"s fifteen minutes previous it.


Clock 3

example 3
Ua ta se fia » What time is it?
Ua afa le fa » It"s half-past four.

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Clock 4

instance 4
Ua ta se fia » What time is it?
Ua toe sefulu-lima minute i le lima » It"s fifteen minutes to five.

Misc time phrases
O le a le taimi o le va"a / pasi / va"alele » What time is the watercraft / bus / aeroplane?
O sa"o le uati le la? » Is that clock correct?

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