Matthew McConaughey didn't have the lead duty in 1993's Dazed and Confused, but it just took one heat to turn the then-unknown Texas actor right into a movie star. And also he delivered it under particularly circumstances.

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The scene, where we fulfill his character, Wooderson, takes place exterior the Emporium, the local pool hall wherein he's hanging out through Don (Sasha Jenson), Randall "Pink" Floyd (Jason London) and Mitch (Wiley Wiggins). Wooderson, who's older than the 3 high college students, states he's debating even if it is to continue to be at his job, which put money in his pocket, or go back to school, wherein the girls are. After ~ a young mrs passes by, he measures forward and enters cinematic immortality.

Everybody on set immediately establish something special had happened once McConaughey yielded the line. "The minute those words came out of his mouth, i swear come God, he automatically took united state all: the cast, the crew," manufacturing assistant Valerie DeKeyser recalls in Melissa Maerz's new book Alright, Alright, Alright: The Oral history of Richard Linklater's Dazed and Confused. "It was like, 'Holy shit. That is this guy?'"

Maerz's publication devotes whole chapter to the story behind the scene. They were a couple of days right into the shoot as soon as McConaughey learned that his dad Jim had actually died. Needing who to speak to, the actor called his girlfriend Sam Lawrence. They saw a strip club, whereby McConaughey opened up up around his partnership with his dad ("By the way, if you ever before want to feeling invisible," Lawrence quipped, "go come a strip club v Matthew McConaughey.").

Shortly thereafter, McConaughey went to his parents' residence in Houston, add by producer Monnie Wills. In ~ the funeral, his mother told everybody that Jim passed far while they to be making love -- miscellaneous his father had long suspect would happen -- even specifying the "he did acquire to finish."

Given the gregarious means his parental approached life, Matthew establish it would certainly be a dishonor to his memory if that grieved. "What my dad taught us was resilience," he recalled. "No means I to be going to it is in moping around and also miss what I remained in the center of doing."

A day later, prior to Linklater might even re-arrange the shoot schedule approximately his absence, McConaughey was back on the set. The assured the director that he was all set to continue, and also the well known scene was in the deserve to by the finish of the day.

Ben Affleck, who played O'Bannion, well-known the contradiction that the stature of the scene, noting the "people still quote the line come me, and I'm not also in the scene. That's a testimony to Matthew's substantial charm." but he also knows see on such behavior have readjusted in the nearly twenty years since Dazed and Confused's relax -- and 40 years after that is 1976 setting.

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"In light of the Me as well era, it's not an entirely ideal thing to it is in quoting," the added. "It probably never was. 'I keep getting older and they continue to be the exact same age?' That's R. Kelly's anthem."

McConaughey said the heat helped provide him an insight into the character. "You deserve to trust Wooderson, man," that said. "He's right there the end in the open with you. There's nothing around him the I ever saw together creepy -- which might be specifically why that's also creepier. ... It's a mantra. It's a philosophy. He's pleased v himself and also his works with in the universe. You can say he's delusionally optimistic.

"He was handling this deep, deep loss as he was doing his job," set decorator Deb pastor said. "How could every one of us no love this man after enduring that? and also this was going to stay with him, with all the successes the experienced."