DC FanDome 2021 provided us a stunning new trailer because that The Batman, a tantalizing teaser for The Flash, and also behind-the-scenes looks at Shazam! fury of the Gods, Aquaman and also the shed Kingdom, and also Black Adam.

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Updated October 17, 2021, with brand-new details native DC FanDome 2021.

Much like the DC Comics Multiverse itself, WarnerMedia’s plans for a movie Multiverse are constantly changing. Tasks are announced, yet then seemingly get in hibernation. The stalwart the the line, Batman, constantly gets its movies made while Wonder Woman seems poised to sign up with the Dark Knight together a reputable franchise. Superman, sadly, is caught in between the people of reboots and also rival ideas.

Nevertheless, DC movies chief Walter Hamada freshly revealed a plan to release six DC-related films a year in the coming decade – four will come in theater while two will be made exclusively for HBO Max. The library is certainly deep enough to support such one endeavor. And also thanks to Hamada embracing the multiverse concept, it seems plans room in location for a second Batman saga come coincide v Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman. That all method DC pan will obtain a lot of contents in the following 10 years.

The change is the recent shockwave in the regularly incredible story the Warner Bros.’ attempts to carry the DC Multiverse to the screen. So before we take a look at the recent changes, stop go back to the beginning of WB’s ambitious plans because that its extended universe…

In 2014, Warner Bros. Pictures and also DC entertainment announced a series of movies based upon DC Comics characters. The initial schedule contained a two-part Justice League project and at the very least two movies a year with 2020. Points did no go according to plan, with Justice League compressing the story into one film and also projects favor Flash experiencing constant delays. Regardless of projects shifting approximately the slate – and the an important backlash versus Batman v Superman: Dawn that Justice and Justice League – the original 2014 master setup has been executed for the most part, with only 2018 missing a 2nd DC-derived film and also Cyborg disappearing entirely. And also even as functions like Aquaman and Shazam! went into production, the studio never stopped trying come get new projects off the ground making use of the comic book characters and also the universe initiated by 2013’s Man the Steel. The next several years will provide a variety of projects from that original slate and some surprises in the form of Aquaman 2 and The brand-new Gods. On the TV/streaming front, Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice organization is finally accessible on HBO Max.

For now, the complying with represents every little thing we know around those projects and their ar in the DC films universe, as well as a couple of DC adaptations that will certainly exist separate from the universe. (Want to check out what the various other camp has in store? examine out our break down of upcoming Marvel movies.)

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Coming Soon

There is a lot the is uncertain about which DC Comics characters are coming to the large screen, who’s bringing castle there, and also in what bespeak — but nothing is uncertain around these first movies. They’re in production, or in pre- or post-production, and also we know specifically when they will certainly be hitting theaters. (At least, we know the latest dates, and will upgrade as those readjust with COVID-19 leaving the landscape a tiny uncertain.)

The Batman

Release Date: March 4, 2022

What we Know: War because that the world of the Apes’ Matt Reeves took over directing duties on The Batman following the leave of Ben Affleck, that intended come star, co-write, and also direct. Creative differences witnessed his role reduced come star even as his personal problems overshadowed the recurring question around his ongoing involvement. Late in January of 2019, Warner Bros. Announced a release day while Affleck definitively declared he to be leaving the cape and also cowl behind. (Though no so definitively, if friend skip under to our latest upgrade on Flash). A brand-new man behind the mask emerged that may when Robert Pattinson took end the role. That casting selection confirmed the story would revolve around a younger Batman, and also Reeves has shown that, telling DC FanDome it will be collection during Year Two once a serial killer is stalking Gotham. Across late summer and early Fall, the cast started to ring out v Jeffrey bright joining up together Commissioner Gordon, Paul Dano acquisition on The Riddler, and Zoe Kravitz signing on together Catwoman. In November, word damaged indicating Colin Farrell would certainly play The Penguin and Andy Serkis would be the brand-new face of Alfred Pennyworth. Other cast members encompass Peter Sarsgaard together District lawyer Gil Colson, Alex Ferns together Commissioner Pete Savage, man Turturro as Falcone, and Jayme Lawson together Bella Reál. Rumors likewise suggest a new Two-Face will additionally emerge. Stacking the film through almost all of the significant Batman villains is miscellaneous of a adjust for contemporary Batman movies, which typically only use two at a time – return Batman starts featured a whopping 5 when you count lesser known personalities like Carmine Falcone, Joe Chill, and Victor Zsasz together The Scarecrow and also Ra’s Al Ghul. Despite a member the the crew – allegedly star Robert Pattinson self – comes down v the coronavirus, the film appeared poised to organize its October 2021 release day until Dune took its slot throughout a subsequent adjust to the calendar. The film is currently scheduled for March the 2022. During DC FanDome in October that 2021, Warner Bros. Exit a second trailer for the film, special a greater emphasis on Catwoman and the Riddler. Additionally, Reeves, Pattinson, and Kravitz offered some comments about the film, through Kravitz calling she Catwoman someone who “wants to fight because that those that don’t have someone.” Reeves included that the film will attribute a variety of “iconic” moments through the character even if she no map 1:1 to comic book Catwoman.

How that Fits in the DC Multiverse: The project’s ties to the developed film continuity are questionable. Late in 2018, rumors began to emerge that Reeves’ vision for the film collection it outside the Man of Steel universe as a “standalone” story, favor Joker. The studio moved easily to quash the rumors, but it now seems clean the film will exist in its own universe with a HBO Max spin-off series already in development.

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Black Adam

Release Date: July 29, 2022

What we Know: After listening to fans when he was at first interested in Shazam!, Johnson signed on come star in a film featuring the character’s best nemesis, black Adam. Jaume Collet-Serra will straight from a script by Adam Sztykiel, through Noah Centineo top top board as well to pat Albert Rothstein/Atom Smasher, whose superpower is his super strength and ability to grow… huge. At DC FanDome, Johnson proved two clips. One, produced by Jim Lee and Boss logic which gave fans a fast rundown of the character’s origins – previously enslaved, he’s in the pursuit of justice the black color Adam way. The other presented the idea that the Justice culture of America, and revealed that Hawkman, physician Fate, Cyclone, and also Atom Smasher would attribute in the film. In so late September 2020, Aldis Hodge arised as Hawkman, yet the news was quickly tempered together the film lost its December 22, 2021 release day entirely throughout the shuffling of Warner Bros.’ relax slate 10 job later. As for most of the project’s existence, the is as soon as again unclear as soon as it will certainly be released. But with members of the cast already assembled, it is feasible the film will arrive in 2023. Aiding this possibility: buy it Shahi joined the cast in October with a role described together both a professor and freedom fighter. In the months following, Quintessa Swindell join the cast as JSAer Cyclone and also Marwan Kenzari signed up for an as-yet undisclosed role; Pierce Brosnan will star as Dr. Fate. Extr cast members encompass Bodhi Sabongui and James Cusati-Moyer. In in march 2021, a release day was lastly announced, with Johnson taking over billboards in times Square to disclose the movie will certainly release July 29, 2022. In beforehand June, Shahi finally evidenced her character is Adrianna Tomaz – or some version of the DC character. The next month, Johnson released a photograph teasing his black Adam body suit and, later in July, announced the wrapped filming via his Instagram. A short clip featuring the resurrection of black Adam was released throughout the 2021 DC FanDome in October, arguing the character may not be lot of a morning person. A behind-the-scenes reel also offered a couple of glimpses of Dr. Fate’s helmet and Adam’s costume.

How the Fits in the DC Multiverse: black Adam is the archenemy that Shazam, so your film human beings are certainly connected. But he is likewise a fairly complex anti-hero when taking care of anyone else. Heroic one moment and also brutal the next, Adam could emerge together the an effective leader that his own country – one idea right from the comic books. At DC FanDome, Johnson hinted the the movie could feature one appearance indigenous Superman, and also sent a warning to every those in the righteousness League: “The pecking order of strength in the DC universe is about to change.”