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Nu Thang is a viral video clip starring a young young wearing a violet "Jesus is Lord" shirt rapping a song called "Nu Thang". It has actually inspired number of remixes and also parody videos.


The Christian rap team DC talk released it"s 2nd album in 1990 titled "Nu Thang", which included the a track by the same name. The cover certification the boy was uploaded come YouTube ~ above April 26th 2011.


Ya understand He"s doin" itGod is doin" a nu thangYa understand He"s doin" itGod is doin" a nu thangYa recognize He"s doin" itGod is doin" a nu thangYa know He"s doin" itGod is doin" a nu thangMy God is doin" a brand nu thangBut, because time began, He stays the sameFaithful, forever to His wordAnd solid, a cornerstone unstirredBut, look at down v the ages and you will certainly findGod doesn"t change, however He knows the timeFrom harp to piano, and also song to rapYa know, God"s wit us, therefore we can not lack and so(chorus)God is doin" a nu thangIn our stays so…We"re doin" a nu thangThrough Jesus ChristGod is doin" a nu thangThrough our music
We"re doin" a nu thangSo He have the right to use itGod"s usin" this music and we"re comin" strongDC Talkin", frequently singin" a songTo make ya think double "bout the means thatcha liveAnd, let ya know Christ is the one that"ll givePeace in ya heart, a nu startCall top top the Lord, and he"ll execute His partA brand nu thang come ya raggedy walkHe could just enhance it approximately that big ol" talk(repeat chorus)(bridge-repeat intro)Like one MC, I"m right here to boastI rap about Christ, yo here"s a doseSo loud and also proud of the God ns serveTry to say that ain"t wit it…huh, ya obtained nerveChrist is the factor for dc TalkHe"s the focus of our everyday walk, y"allWithout him, us ain"t nothin" but namesBut v God, we"re doin" brand nu thangs(repeat chorus)God is doin" a nu thangWe"re doin" a nu thang <5x>
The Kid

The singing child in the video clip is 29 year old Michael Clancy, a lawyer from Phoenix, AZ, and also was 10 year old at the moment the video took place in 1992. He supplies the YouTube account "lawforthemasses".<1>

When wondered about by HyperVocal, he had this come say around his an initial reaction to the video:

"I was informed by my friend Jordan via on facebook that he saw a video that he believed was me. This was once the video clip only had 74,000 views. After ~ I had a boy freak out, ns contacted the user who posted it, “conradcliff” and told him that I was. I didn’t recognize him. We exchanged emails and he told me his uncle, that is an executive with CBN (Christian transfer Network) had actually sent him the video thinking it was him as a boy. When he saw it, the "just knew it would certainly go viral." He was right." <2>



The video saw a significant increase in views once it to be posted to Reddit ~ above April 29th, 2011, and also subsequently hit the front page.<3> The adhering to day it was posted to The day-to-day What.

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Search queries for "nu thang" witnessed an huge spike adhering to the upload that the video to YouTube in ~ the end of April.