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Before he showed up on "Shark Tank" 3 years ago, Al "Bubba" Baker was doing $154,000 in sales v his barbecue business, Bubba's Q.

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Now, Bubba's Q is act $16 million in sales.

On the show, Baker made a resolve Shark Tank investors Daymond John, the founder the hip-hop clothing brand FUBU.

"The future couldn't it is in brighter for Al," John stated on Friday's episode of "Shark Tank.' "I still believe that this will possibly be my biggest deal ever."

Baker's exponential expansion is the an outcome of acquiring a contract through CKE Restaurants, the parent company of both Carl's Jr. And also Hardee's.

"Carl's Jr. And also Hardee's came as much as my booth in ~ a food show since it is a patented boneless rib. We room the only people in the United claims that carry out it," Baker said.

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CKE Restaurants is utilizing the boneless baby earlier ribs in a brand-new burger in 3,000 that its franchise locations. To make the burgers, CKE Restaurants placed an order because that one million pounds that Bubba Q's boneless baby earlier ribs.

"When you have a project that is 30 some years in the making and you lastly see it pertained to fruition — the emotions, it to be overwhelming," stated Baker. "It's been 3 years and sales room at $16 million and I simply can't think it."

Before gaining in the rib business, Baker to be a expert football player. The learned around barbecue native his Uncle, "Daddy Jr."

"I have actually been very lucky in mine life. Very first to go to college. To play in the nationwide Football League. And also then to take my service to 'Shark Tank,'" Baker said. "It's proof that if girlfriend live your life with integrity, girlfriend work hard — an excellent things take place to you."

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