The DEA agent eliminated in a shooting at an Amtrak station on Monday has been figured out as Mike Garbo, follow to KOLD.

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By terry Tang and also Michelle A. MonroeAssociated Press

TUCSON, Ariz. — A medicine Enforcement management special certified dealer was eliminated Monday when a passenger, who additionally died, opened up fire as police officers were law a regime inspection because that illegal contraband on one Amtrak train in Tucson, Arizona, authorities said. A second agent and a Tucson police officer were wounded.

“It’s an extremely horrific and also we’re all just coming to terms with simply how terrible a loss this is,” Tucson Police Chief kris Magnus said. “But I also want to reflect top top the really heroic actions of the police officers at the scene. They literally ran in the direction of the danger, right into the car, where there was an energetic shooting instance going on.”


A Tucson Police room SWAT van is parked close to the last two cars of an Amtrak train in downtown Tucson, Ariz., Monday, Oct. 4, 2021. (Mamta Popat/Arizona everyday Star via AP) Magnus spoke exterior the hospital wherein the wounded agent and Tucson officer had actually been taken. The certified dealer was provided in an essential condition if the officer to be in steady condition. He claimed authorities would not it is in releasing their names.

The FBI has actually taken over the investigation of the shooting, which sent passengers fleeing. That happened simply after 8 a.m. On a train stopped at the terminal in the city"s downtown. A local task force of DEA agents and also Tucson police officers had boarded one of the car to do a typical inspect for illegal money, weapons and also drugs. It"s a common occurrence at all transit hubs, Magnus said.

Officers were in the middle of detaining a man on the upper level of the double-decker automobile when a second man pulled the end a handgun and began firing. That exchanged numerous rounds with police and also then barricaded self in a restroom on the reduced level, Magnus said.

The DEA has detailed us v a snapshot of unique agent Mike Garbo who lost his life yesterday. He joined the DEA in 2005 and also worked native Nogales come Kabul together a unique agent and supervisor.

— mar Coleman KOLD (
Mary_reports) October 5, 2021

He to be later found dead inside.

The other suspect has been arrested. It wasn"t instantly known what fees he faces or his connection to the 2nd man.

Magnus praised Tucson police officers for obtaining the hurt DEA agent off the train and also rushing him come the hospital in the back of a patrol car. The hospitalized Tucson officer had been top top the platform once he heard the shooting. He to be shot once he ran right into the vehicle to help.

There were around a dozen various other passengers in the automobile where the shoot occurred.

“I simply think it’s kind of incredible right here there no other people who to be hurt, also though we’re fully so saddened by the ns of the officer,” Magnus said.

Amtrak spokesman Jason Abrams also confirmed there were no reported injuries to the crew or other passengers.

The Sunset Limited, Train 2, to be traveling native Los Angeles to new Orleans, and also arrived in ~ the Tucson terminal at 7:40 am, Abrams said. There to be 137 passengers and 11 crew members, he said. All have been evacuated to the station.

Evan Courtney was in a lounge car when civilization suddenly came running in yelling: “Shots fired!”

“I grabbed my backpack and ran,” Courtney told The linked Press via Twitter straight messaging.

He said he huddled with various other passengers while looking the end the window. That saw numerous tactical police police officers with attack rifles behind barricades. After 15 minutes, “police ran come us and also told united state to obtain out the the car and run in opposing direction.”

Courtney later tweeted a photograph of almost two dozen officers consisting of two embracing.

Dramatic video taken by a camera in ~ the southern Arizona transportation Museum mirrors some that the shooting.

Multiple shots can be heard from within a train before a man, who shows up to it is in a security officer through a dog, plank in the center of the second-to-last automobile through an open up door. Two bystanders ago away and then run past a baggage cart, joining four others together they water level each other into the critical car and also the door slides shut, the video shows.

One shooting is heard and the defense officer, stop a gun, backs turn off the train v the dog tho on the leash. He runs behind a framework on the train platform together a man shows up at the passenger auto door, fires three shots towards the fleeing man and dog, and also disappears back inside.

The camera belongs to online Railfan, i beg your pardon operates more than 50 cameras livestreaming train operations around the country for train buffs. Kathy Abbott, to work manager, claimed both Tucson police and Amtrak police have asked for any footage to it is in made available.

Virtual Railfan"s cameras do record crime but “maybe no this dramatic,” Abbott said. “This was definitely an adrenaline rush.”

Tucson, house to the college of Arizona, is about 110 mile (180 kilometers) south of Phoenix.

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“We in ~ the DEA are heartbroken through today’s events and also ask the you keep the households of the agents and task force officer in your thoughts and prayers,” stated Anne Milgram, administrator for the agency.