Information released virtual from January 20, 2009 to January 20, 2017.

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Secretary Kerry around What We perform Policy concerns nations & areas push

The majority of illicit medicine distributed and consumed in America originate in foreign countries. DEA’s mission is come enforce the regulated substances laws and also regulations the the joined elafilador.nets. In furtherance the this mission, DEA targets the cultivation, production, transportation, distribution and financial to work of medicine Trafficking establishments (DTOs) based in foreign nations and at home. In order to dismantle and disrupt DTOs, DEA and other U.S. Agencies work hand in hand v our foreign law enforcement counterparts.

DEA establishes and maintains functioning relationships with organize nations through staffing 86 DEA offices located in 67 countries. DEA’s international offices act together conduits of information to DEA components in the joined elafilador.nets and vice versa. In this manner, investigators room able come target DTOs from the resource to the finish user. DEA’s international offices room tasked v the following objectives:

Conduct bilateral investigations with international law enforcement;Coordinate counternarcotic intelligence gathering with host governments;Conduct maintain programs for host country police agencies;Assist in the development of host nation drug law enforcement institutions and develop mutually advantageous law enforcement relationship with international law enforcement agencies.

The emphasis placed on every objective is figured out by the hold nation’s unique conditions and also circumstances as it relates to your infrastructure and also law enforcement capabilities. DEA works side by side through host country counterparts to develop relevant training, promote intelligence sharing, and support joint operations. The complying with information highlights the assistance and also joint enforcement efforts undertaken by DEA and host country counterparts in 2013.

Drug Flow strike Strategy: A key element in combating international drug smuggling is the concerted and coordinated initiatives of the inter-agency ar to jointly determine chokepoints fragile to enforcement efforts and simultaneously straight assets to vigorously target the identified chokepoints on a coordinated and sustained basis. Come this end, DEA occurred an global Drug Flow assault Strategy which has actually the major objective to cause significant disruption to the flow of drugs, money, and chemicals in between the resource zones and the joined elafilador.nets. The strategy consists of an incorporated intelligence-enforcement procedure that rests on multiple pillars: intelligence-driven enforcement, sequential operations, and also predictive intelligence. Come stem the circulation of drugs right into the united elafilador.nets, DEA will proceed to perform this effective Drug Flow attack Strategy by broadening enforcement initiatives with our an international law enforcement partners

International medicine Enforcement Conference (IDEC) in support of Strengthening worldwide Relations: IDEC was established by DEA in 1983 v the target of producing a forum for the international community to re-superstructure drug-related intelligence and also to build operational strategies that can be used to combat transnational, organized criminal organizations affiliated in the illicit medicine trade. To represent from over 100 nations are participating members that IDEC, and also the conference is co-sponsored by the joined elafilador.nets and also one that the global participating members every year. It is an to work conference where an important and sensitive worries in worldwide drug enforcement, money laundering, and narco-terrorism space discussed, and also operational targets are selected. Recent IDEC meetings have consisted of sessions ~ above the usage of the net by drug traffickers, Africa’s appearance as a an international threat in medicine trafficking, precursor chemistry control, the medicine flow strike strategy, and also money laundering. The 2013 conference was co-hosted by the government of the Russian Federation. Local working groups were organized to identify collective targets and also goals. Members noted briefings on current investigations concerned their collective targets and also assessed your progress and also evaluated their intelligence on currently and brand-new targets planned for the year ahead.

International Training: DEA has actually been conducting international counter-narcotics training because 1969. DEA is well-known as the human being pioneer in international training and serves as the design for a variety of worldwide law enforcement maintain efforts. DEA's duty has get an impression to include that of international consultant to legislation enforcement agencies, as well as foreign federal governments seeking to build quality narcotics regulation enforcement programs, business infrastructures, and judicial reforms. The specific courses available by DEA space continually transforming as brand-new curricula space developed and also instituted in an answer to experiences, alters in law enforcement emphasis, current international medicine trafficking situations, brand-new technologies, and details requests the the host governments. All DEA global training programs have actually as a major objective the building of local working relationships in between countries. In 2013, DEA performed bilateral maintain seminars for around 14,070 participants from 94 countries.

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The unique Testing and also Research activities Signature Programs: The Heroin and also Cocaine Signature program (HSP/CSP) in ~ the DEA’s unique Testing and also Research laboratory are knowledge gathering, science-based campaigns which identify the geographical origins that heroin and cocaine exhibits. In addition, the activities maintains a Methamphetamine Profiling regimen (MPP) that determines the man-made routes and precursors employed in creating methamphetamine. The category schemes for these program were emerged using authentic exhibits accumulated from world-wide drug processing laboratories. By collaborating through the organize nations, numerous such authentics space submitted yearly to the activities from the DEA foreign country offices. Currently, the activities classifies much more than 7000 U.S.-seized and also foreign drug exhibits every year. The Signature Programs carry out the counterdrug intelligence ar with science-based heroin and also cocaine source data and intelligence information regarding methamphetamine synthesis. The HSP, CSP, and the MPP are viewed as an essential tools to investigate and also support strategy intelligence concerning illicit production, trafficking, and access of these 3 high profile medicine within the joined elafilador.nets and also foreign countries.