The location is a clever pat on the expression “Buried Alive”. The girl was buried as a “Lie” due to the fact that she was believed to have committed suicide when she was in reality murdered.Going… check out More 
Rest in peace, girl, your fatality is such a shameThe paper said a bullet gained in your wayBut i smell foul play, feasible poisoningI had to lug you in for questioningI went to your graveDug up your bodyBrought the to mine houseWhere you laySo let's pat doctor, babeWe'll run todayIncisions should be madeYou could aid solve this caseFor meI top downtown come share what I had actually foundIt's not a suicide, it's a crimeI have a witness, it's clearly evidentThere had actually to be someone else presentAt the time of deathPoison's in stomachHow can she traction itIf she's dead?
So let's pat doctor, babeWe'll run todayIncisions should be madeYou could assist solve this caseWe require a lance nowUnder white lights, girlfriend layWe've gained to hurry upBefore the meat decaysAway, awayI'll capture the murdererAnd send that awayI'll obtain the evidenceFrom her last dayYour last day(Your critical day)Your critical daySo let's beat doctor, babeWe'll run todayIncisions need to be madeYou could help solve this caseWe need a lance nowUnder white lights, friend layWe've acquired to rush upBefore the meat decaysAway, away
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The location is a clever pat on the phrase “Buried Alive”. The girl was buried as a “Lie” due to the fact that she was thought to have actually committed suicide once she was actually murdered.

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Going together with the remainder of Let it Enfold girlfriend , Buddy breaks the normal mold for tune composition as he imagines himself as a personality in a TV shows or novel which has an encompassing story.

In this tune Buddy is an independent detective who commits one autopsy to uncover the truth about a girl’s death. He then sets out to capture the Murderer.

Buddy said in a radio interview in 2006 that while composing “Buried a Lie” he just wanted to tell a story. He stated that he loved crime mirrors such together CSI and also Law and Order, and also wanted to have actually a song favor that.

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Buried a Lie is featured on the band’s compilation album Follow your Bliss: The finest of Senses Fail.

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Let that Enfold friend (2004)
Senses Fail
Buried a Lie
Written By
Buddy Nielsen
Mastered by
Alan Douches
Engineered By
Steve Evetts
Mixed By
Steve Evetts
Garrett Zablocki & Dave Miller
Dan Trapp
Backing Vocals
Mike Glita
Mike Glita
Composed by
Dave Miller, Garrett Zablocki, girlfriend Nielsen & Mike Glita
Lead Vocals
Buddy Nielsen
Recorded At
Mission Sound (Brooklyn, new York)
Release Date
January 26, 2004
Remixed By
I understand What You buried Last Summer by The Legion of death (Ft. Senses Fail & Taking Back Sunday)
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