Francys Arsentiev climbed Everest there is no supplemental oxygen, yet even the skilled climber and also her husband were no complement for the deadly mountain.


YoutubeFrancys Arsentiev was ultimately given a mountain burial in 2007.

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Thousands that feet in the air, Francys Arsentiev was only able to repeat three phrases, “Don’t leave me,” “Why space you doing this come me,” and “I’m an American.” The couple quickly realized the although she to be still conscious, she wasn’t actually speaking at all, only repeating the exact same things on autopilot “like a stuck record.”

Arsentiev had currently succumbed to frostbite which, rather than distort her face with blotchy redness, had turned her skin hard and white. The impact gave her the smooth features of a wax figure and also lead O’Dowd to remark the the fallen climber looked prefer Sleeping Beauty, a surname the push eagerly seized for the headlines.

Conditions ended up being so dangerous the Woodall and also O’Dowd were forced to abandon Arsentiev, fearing for their own lives. There is no ar for sentimentality top top Everest and although it might seem the the couple abandoned Arsentiev to a devilish death, they had made the valuable decision: there to be no means they could lug her ago down through them and also they want to avoid becoming two much more gruesome signposts on the mountain’s slopes themselves.

Sergei’s remains were found the following year and also young Paul Distefano had actually to endure the included misery of seeing photos of his mother’s frozen human body on the mountain for almost a decade.

In 2007, haunted by the photo of the dying woman, Woodall led an expedition to provide Francys Aresntiev a more dignified burial: he and his team controlled to situate the body, wrap her in an American flag, and also move resting Beauty much from whereby cameras could find her.

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