There have actually been a number of arrests after end a dozen females were filmed on one of Dubai's skyscrapers.

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A famous ‘Google Maps’ picture of two males laying in freshly dug tombs has brought about a stir online - yet is it as sinister together it looks?

The photo, posted to Reddit 3 years ago, appears to show a serious disturbing scene caught by satellite.

At very first glance, the photo shows two bodies laying in 2 freshly dug tombs in a remote area.

There space no caskets or shovels in the picture and the dimension of the graves appear to it is in custom-made for the men in them.

The image was bring away in Portland, Oregon in the joined States.

It shows up to have actually been uncovered on Google Maps - although the authenticity the that insurance claim remains unclear.

The Express has actually now explained the actual reason behind the bizarre aerial shooting - and it’s not quite as sinister as it appears.

The picture looked prefer it was recorded by Google Maps. Credit: Google MapsSo, what exactly can this image be of?

Well, the publishing reports the actually photo of a married pair carrying the end performance art.

It’s dubbed Untitled Graves, created by Dutes Miller and also Stan Shellabarger, who are based in Chicago. The pair have displayed their job-related at the city’s western Exhibitions gallery.

“In ‘Untitled (Grave),’ miller & Shellabarger dig 2 holes near together, deep and huge enough for each male to lied in. They climate dug a little tunnel in between the feet that allowed them to host hands while lie in the graves,” the gallery’s website explains.

The primary of western Exhibitions art gallery Scott Speh said The Express the pair dug the graves to your body sizes.

“They then lay in the grave and dig sideways so that they deserve to hold hands eternally, metaphorically speaking,” that said.

“This iteration that the item was perfect in Portland, Oregon as elafilador.netponent of the time Based arts Festival placed on by the Portland academy of contemporary Art.”

So, is that real?

Unfortunately, how precisely the image finished up looking prefer it to be on Google Maps is yet to it is in seen.

Some world have doubted the authenticity of the photo being ~ above Google Maps, claiming the it can have been manipulated as part of the art piece.

“Hijacking optimal elafilador.netment elafilador.nete say this is photoshopped elafilador.nete look choose google maps together these 2 artists do things prefer this every the time(sic),” one person claimed.

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“It’s fake. Watch at that zoom bar, it’s just half, however the bodies room really clean satellite view,” one more added.