October 30, 2020 in ~ 5:59 pm EDTBy Mike Springer, elafilador.net and also Sarah Wilson, elafilador.netVOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. — Three people were indicted Friday top top charges concerned a situation where a man was discovered dead in a burning auto in DeLand in March.

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In a press conference on Friday, Volusia county Sheriff Mike Chitwood announced that Zacharaiah Sanders, 23, Fredronna Grimes, 18, and also Cameron Lane, 17, are facing charges associated to the murder and robbery of Jarius Cook.

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Deputies claimed Cook, 21, was robbed and then shot and also killed and also burned inside his vehicle earlier in in march on south Delaware Avenue.

Detectives said the people associated were people Cook knew and also trusted.

Detectives stated a witness identified Sanders as among the last civilization seen with Cook, and also investigators said that his story walk not add up under questioning.

A deputy’s human body camera video clip captured Sanders arrest in might on a tampering charge regarded Cook’s death. Detectives said Sanders was probation and wore general practitioners ankle screen when chef was killed.

*Warning: Language*Body camera clip from the might 20 arrest of Zachariah Sanders, a doubt in the killing of Jarius Cook. This week, a grand jury indicted Sanders and also two co-defendants on dues of first-degree murder and robbery through a firearm. Pic.twitter.com/gWJStHNBNX

— Volusia Sheriff (

Grimes and also Lane were arrested a month after ~ Cook’s fatality on an check murder fee for a different shooting.

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Cook’s mother spoke at the news conference pleading for help and more information as detectives believe more people might be involved.

Stay tuned come Channel 9 Eyewitness News beginning for updates.

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Watch the full news conference below:

Full news conference: 3 suspects indicted in robbery, killing of Jarius cook in DeLand's feather Hillhttps://t.co/o4fJXdf9Y4

— Volusia Sheriff (


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