A see from Tradewinds Street towards Amberwood one is the scene whereby a car and also body were discovered after a woman was uncovered dead in her car from a gunshot wound top top Monday.

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Fountain valley police are investigating the fatality of a lengthy Beach woman in the city previously this week together a homicide.

Officers comment to a call reporting a web traffic collision in a residential neighborhood near the intersection that Slater Avenue and Tradewinds Street ~ above Monday at around 6:11 p.m., authorities said.

Upon their arrival, officers uncovered Fountain valley Fire department personnel and residents attempting to administer medical assist to the driver that a automobile that had involved a stop along the curb on the south side the Amberwood circle and surrounding to the west curb the Tradewinds Street.


A check out from Tradewinds Street toward Amberwood circle is the scene wherein a car and also body were uncovered after a mrs was found dead in her automobile from a gunshot wound ~ above Monday.
A gunshot wound to the driver, a 26-year-old woman, was discovered, authorities said in a news release. She to be pronounced dead in ~ the scene. Her name was withheld, pending notice of her family members.

Sgt. Donald Farmer, a spokesman because that the Fountain valley police department, claimed there was not a 2nd vehicle affiliated in the incident.

“We restricted access at Slater and treated that together the crime scene southern of there,” Farmer said. “It’s yes, really active. We’ve been full initiative following increase on whatever that us can.”


A homicide examination is ongoing after a woman was uncovered dead in her automobile from a gunshot wound close to the intersection that Slater Avenue and also Tradewinds Street in Fountain sink on Monday.
As the investigation continues, authorities are canvassing the area and also the projected path throughout the event trying come locate additional video, Farmer said. There has actually not to be a reward authorize in the case.

The public is urged to come forward with details that could be helpful to the investigation. Tips deserve to be it is registered by call Det. Ben Roddy at (714) 593-4465 or Det. Kimberly Holmes in ~ (714) 593-4480.

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A homicide investigation is recurring after a mrs was uncovered dead in her auto in Fountain valley on Monday.

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