SAN ANTONIO — UPDATE:Human remains have actually been discovered in the find for missing mother decision Garcia, follow to the san Antonio Police Department.

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"On the evening of Wednesday, September 22nd, the SAPD collaborated with the brand-new Braunfels Police Department and the Comal ar Sheriff’s department in locating stays in the Northern section of Comal County," police stated Thursday. " in ~ this time, the SAPD will occupational with main Texas Autopsy to identify the to know of the stays found."

A mother of four is missing and feared dead. San Antonio Police say over there is a report confession come murder. Meanwhile, the family of decision Garcia is left tormented.

According come an affidavit, the suspect confessed to his family that he beat the victim until she stopped breathing before dumping her body. The victim to be not noted in the court documents, yet family to speak it is their loved one.

The suspect"s own family members reportedly referred to as police after they speak Francisco haver Garcia Ventura to be trying come escape come Mexico City.

"Crystal, us love you. Us really do. We miss you," the said. Ns don"t think we room prepared. We room not prepared to shed her."

According come documents, critical Saturday Crystal"s mommy asked police to check on she daughter at an apartment complex behind Ingram Park Mall. She knew something was wrong as soon as Crystal didn"t choose up her kids.

Police walk there and didn"t uncover her, however they did uncover proof of a violent crime consisting of blood ~ above a bedroom wall, and also on a clean bottle. The affidavit says CSI supplied a chemical which expose blood stains that room washed out, delete everything off, or invisible come the naked eye. After using the chemical, investigators stated they discovered a hefty presence of blood.

The family members member stated his cousin knew the suspect. That is just charged with tampering with physical evidence. However, police stated he confessed come his family members to gaining rid the Crystal"s human body somewhere in mountain Marcos.

"This woman had four children that room still waiting for her the end there," the cousin said. "And we are all wait for she to come home."

The affidavit claims a camera on the apartment"s kitchen wall was ripped off. Investigators said a neighbor has surveillance video clip showing the suspect showing up at Crystal"s apartment and then leaving with a heavy-duty rubbish bag.


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