MISSION just —A kayaker came across a submerged human body in Mission bay on Wednesday morning and police are trying to identify what happened to the man, public official said.

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The body was discovered near Ski Beach approximately 11:50 a.m. And recovered through lifeguards and also turned over to the county medical Examiner’s Office, authorities said. Police are investigating to determine if foul play to be involved, said San Diego police Officer Scott Lockwood.

Kayaker Richard Tibiatowski said OnScene TV he to be paddling close come shore when he spotted the body in about a foot and a fifty percent of water.

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“He was not floating, he was underwater,” stated Tibiatowski, who said he to be a retired firefighter. “It was so shallow the was most likely on the bottom. That was dealing with kind of on his side.”

Tibiatowski claimed no one was in the area when he paddled out. “He had remained in the water awhile, so i wasn’t walk to check the pulse or even touch (the body),” that said.