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The human body of a absent woman was discovered last week inside a hotel bed framework in Austin, Texas.

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The corpse of san Juana Macias, 40, reportedly went unnoticed for three days at the Rodeway Inn turn off Highway 290, regardless of both housekeeping staff and also detectives having gotten in the room.


The human body of san Juana Macias was found inside a hotel room mattress in Austin, Texas.San Juana Macias
FacebookJamie Wingwood, 40, has actually been arrested after confessing come the murder, according to one affidavit. Wingwood and also Macias date on and also off for around three years, family members members say, but were not currently involved.

Macias" daughter Andrea Tealer asserted Wingwood intimidated to kill her right before she went lacking on July 5: "He usually told her on fourth of July the he was going to—you recognize she had actually so numerous hours come live that he was going to kill her," Tealer called CBS Austin.

According to the affidavit, the very same day Macias disappeared, Wingwood"s sister referred to as police came to her brother had killed his girlfriend. She asserted he sent her a text blog post reading "I love you always. I"m addressing to it is in gone because that forever. Ns really f***ed increase this time. I"m leave town. Best now."

The Austin Police Department placed an alert out for Wingwood"s Honda Accord, which was spotted near Beaumont, Texas, on July 9. Wingwood fled the scene, leading authorities on a car chase into Louisiana that ended in a crash.

After being apprehended, Wingwood apparently confessed to killing Macias and told detectives he left she body in room 219 at the Rodeway Inn. Both APD officers and also Texas ranger searched the room, however could not uncover the absent woman. Wingwood accused whispered to a detective the investigators must "look under the mattress in the box."

That"s where Macias" body to be found, covering in a fitted bedsheet inside the frame. The had apparent head and also face trauma, follow to authorities, who room waiting because that an main report and identification through the Travis County clinical Examiner"s Office.

"The bed frame was created in a manner that produced a crate on the top of which the box spring and mattress satellite on," police said. "Under the box spring and mattress to be a void created by the structure of the box and is wherein the victim was located."

A GoFundMe project has been started to covering funeral prices for Macias, a mom of six.

Wingwood at this time faces counts of aggravated assault and tampering v a corpse. He"s additionally been charged v reckless operation of a vehicle, hit-and-run driving, and also flight native an officer in conjunction with the chase, the Jefferson county Sheriff"s Office said.

It"s uncertain if any type of guests remained in room 219 ~ the body was deposited there.

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In April, unidentified skeletal continues to be were discovered beneath a mattress in a vacant apartment in Houston. The body, thought to be connected to an ongoing missing-person case, was wrapped in cloth and trapped between the mattress and box spring.