Believe that or not, working v a psychic has actually its perks. You’ll obtain your future called even prior to it involves pass. At least that’s the popular id anyway. Matthew Anderson obtained to view his boss and medium, Amy Allan, in action deciphering clues in haunted places everywhere the unified States. Continue reading to know around Matthe Anderson TV Personality’s wife or girlfriend.

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As a result, that starred alongside her on travel Channel’s Dead records with other stars prefer Steve DiSchiavi. It to be a good run up till he quit the show in 2016 for factors you’ll soon find out. This is Matthew Anderson’s network worth, wiki-bio, wife, and details ~ above his married life.

Who is Matthew Anderson TV personality native “The Dead File?”

Matthew Anderson was just a consistent guy behind the scenes working as Amy Allan’s assistant top top The Dead Files. The series premiered late in 2011 and currently has well end 11 seasons. As discussed before, the collection revolved roughly Amy Allan, the psychic, and her partner, Steve DiSchiavi, a former detective.

However, that not there was to it. Matthew Anderson was the guy Amy reliable to perform a feasibility test on a site and rid it of any kind of obstructions prior to she came.

Suffice to say, that did a pretty great job cleaning soon elevated his condition to field investigator, interviewer, and also Dead records cameraman.

Matthew Anderson indigenous the TV show, The Dead Files

Matthew Anderson TV Personality showed up on end 100 illustration of Dead Files prior to quietly exiting in 2016. Due to the fact that then, he has actually never appeared on any type of other tv role. Therefore what happened?

Matthew Anderson’s Married life and divorce with Amy Allan.

Love came right into play in between Matthew Anderson and also his boss, Amy Allan. The former pair vaguely expresses details of your meeting since both are an extremely private ~ above matters about their hearts. Similarly, details ~ above their marriage details and date also never do it to the surface.

Matthew Anderson, v his wife, Amy Allan.

Regardless, an education guess would lock their conference on the collection of The Dead Files. Sadly, your time with each other was short-lived as the pair separated in 2012. A year later, your divorce was finalized, and they remained an excellent friends. Matthew worked under her for three an ext years before quitting the show.

Is Matthew Anderson TV Personality Married to wife now?


Currently, Matthew Anderson TV Personality is no married to wife. However he is in a partnership with a woman called Jill Murelli. They shot hard to save their relationship out that the limelight. Matthew’s mam to be post a picture of their tour to japan earlier in 2014. The photo is around Matthew Anderson TV personality gaining a tattoo.


Looks favor the two have actually been dating for a lengthy time now.

On the other hand, his ex-wife, Amy Allan is currently happily married to a guy named plunder Traegler. Castle tied the node in October 2018.

Here’s a funny fact; rob Traegler operated as a manager on The Dead Files. Lucky for Amy, the HR department to be never around as they would have a ar day through her.

So, it’s tough to say if Matthew Anderson is married come a mam or not.

Matthew Anderson’s network worth.

Matthew Anderson TV Personality significantly uplifted his career v his television function on The Dead Files. Though he didn’t disclose his salary, making over 100 episodes was the identical of striking gold to some people.

After the quit in 2016, he established EMMA Enterprises and also became the co-creator, writer, and artist in ~ The Repercussionists Comic Book. According to some digital magazine, Matthew Anderson’s existing net precious estimation springs up to $3 million.

But he clearly denied the case of the virtual portal. In one on facebook post, Matthew Anderson post a screenshot of a Google an outcome for “Matthew Anderson net Worth” and also the an outcome was $3 Million, to which he criticized stating the the insurance claim was false and also said exactly how much that earns is only his business.

Matthew Anderson Wiki, Biography, Parents.

Adding on to the list of Matthew Anderson’s private details is his date of birth. If girlfriend hadn’t figured it out yet, this also means that figuring out his exact period is next to impossible. Nonetheless, all is not lost about The Dead papers star biography. Yet he to be born on October 15. He has actually posted the on facebook.

For starters, Matthew Anderson TV Personality prospered up in new Manila, Quezon City, in the Philippines under the parentage the his mother, Carol Anderson Delos Santos. Moreover, he additionally graduated from Tucson High Magnet School and also enrolled in ~ The university of Arizona, whereby he studied Painting.


Nothing is known about his genuine father. However Matthew Anderson TV Personality’s mother is currently married to Bobby Delos Santos (Matt’s step-dad). He has actually a stepbrother who is married and has kids.


Did you understand that Matthew Anderson is fluent in Japanese? Currently, Matthew Anderson indigenous Dead records lives and also works in Denver, Colorado.

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Name Matthew Anderson
Net worth$3 million
ProfessionWriter, creator, tv personality
Ex-wifeAmy Allan

Originally posted on December 1, 2019