Dead climbing 2: turn off The record introduces the choice of new weapons the you can produce by combining the best weapons utilizing the Combo Cards at the Workbench.

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These tools will assist Frank make it through the chaotic cases and assist him get rid of the understand behind the present state the the city. Zombie obviously don’t choose these customized weapons and also that is why, girlfriend should create one of these to assist you in her survival.

Dead increasing 2: turn off The record Combo Cards and also Weapons

Below you will all the combo cards you can find and also weapons girlfriend can develop using them in Dead climbing 2: off The Record.

Drill BucketMaterials. Drill, Bucket

I.E.DMaterials. Propane Tank, box of Nails,

Pole WeaponMaterials. Machete, push Broom

Air HornMaterials. Pylon, Spray Paint

Weed TendonizerMaterials. Knife, Grass TrimmerCombine Knife and also Grass Trimmer to gain Weed Tendonizer.

Bouncing BeautyMaterials. Propane Tank, Rocket FireworksLocation. Rescue survivor named Bill.Combine Propane Tank and also Rocket Fireworks to obtain Bouncing Beauty.

Spiked BatMaterials. Baseball Bat, box of NailsLocation. Girlfriend will obtain when you complete 1.1.

TenderizorsMaterials. MMA Gloves, box of NailsLocation. View the advertising board and you will obtain it.

Gem BlowerMaterials. Gems, leaf BlowerLocation. Girlfriend will gain it once you reach level 6.Combine Gems and Leaf Blower to gain Gem Blower.

Money HackerMaterials. Flashlight, computer system CaseLocation. Obtain the Scratchcard indigenous the looters in Palisades Mall and also you will certainly be rewarded with it.

Electric ChairMaterials. Wheelchair, BatteryLocation. You get it once you conserve Bill and also Keneth.

Porta MowerMaterials. 2×4, Lawnmower

Sticky BombMaterials. Dynamite, Lawn Dart

Knife GlovesMaterials. Knife, Boxing Gloves

MolotovMaterials. Whiskey, NewspaperLocation. You gain it when you defeat lining Green.

BlitzkriegMaterials. Electrical chair, Merc attack RifleLocation. You gain it once you attain level 10.

Super MassagerCombine Massager and Leaf Blower to get Super Massager.

Saw LauncherCombine Tennis sphere Launcher and Saw blade to get Saw Launcher.

PegasusCombine pole Pony and Rocket Fireworks to gain Pegasus.

Molten CannonCombine Tennis ball Launcher and Motor Oil to gain Molten Cannon.

Electric CrusherCombine Sledge Hammer and also Battery to get electric Crusher.

DecapitatorCombine Knife and Boomerang to acquire Decapitator.

Cryo PodCombine escape Pod and Fire extinguisher to gain Cryo Pod.

Power GuitarCombine an Amplifier and also an electrical Guitar to get Power Guitar.

Ripper Combine Cement Saw through a saw Blade to gain Ripper.

Roaring Thunder Combine Goblin Mask through a Battery to get Roaring Thunder.

Rocket LauncherCombine Rocket Fireworks v a command Pipe to acquire Rocket Launcher.

Snowball LauncherCombine Fire Extinguisher v a Water gun to gain Snowball Launcher.

Sticky BombCombine Lawn Dart with Dynamite to gain Sticky Bomb. Has actually a solitary use only.

Super MassagerCombine Massager through a sheet Blower to obtain Super Massager.

Super SlicerCombine Servbot Mask v a Lawn Mower to obtain Super Slicer.

Zap N ShineCombine a Floor Buffer with an electrical Prod.

Tesla BallCombine Bingo sphere Cage v a Battery to obtain Tesla Ball.

Weed TendonizerCombine a chef Knife v a Grass Trimmer to gain the Tendonizer.

WingmanCombine Nectar juice through Queen to obtain a Wingman. Has a single use only. This’ll also get girlfriend the”Tape that or DIE!” achievement.

Super BFGCombine Blast Frequency Gun v an Amplifier to acquire Super BFG.

Saw LauncherCombine a Tennis sphere Launcher with a witnessed Blade to obtain Saw Launcher.

ShockerCombine Defibrillator through a clinical Tray to gain Shocker.

Porta MowerCombine a Lawnmower with a 2×4 to acquire Porta Mower.

ReaperCombine a Katana and also a Scythe to gain Reaper.

Spear LauncherCombine Spear through a leaf Blower to acquire Spear Launcher.

Spiked BatCombine a Baseball Bat with a crate of pond to gain Spiked Bat

For all the old combo cards and weapons in Dead climbing 2, review our Dead climbing 2 Combo Cards and also Weapons Guide. If you want to contribute to enhance this guide, comment and also we will add your feedback.


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