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In the Deadliest Catch episode airing June 21 on discovery Channel, viewers will see several of the exceptionally frightening incident that took ar when the Northwestern, captained by Sig Hansen, captured fire. Fortunately, the crew had the ability to spring into action and control the fire, however not prior to Sig’s brother Edgar experienced from smoke inhalation, and also several thousand dollars worth of damages was left come the ship.

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We spoke through Sig Hansen ahead of tonight’s episode to see just how he, his family and crew, and his ship were doing, and to find out what the intense suffer was like.

How did the fire happen, and how extreme was it placing it out?Sig Hansen: I think that came about — the boats are gaining older. She was constructed in ’77. It’s age. The panels were never intended for what they’re being put to nowadays. It’s adding more and more, the electrical systems and also the hydraulic systems, and also with little things simply old age. I store up top top the boat. Us take the out each year and shot to execute as much as we have the right to to save her supervisor looking good. It’s among the things you simply never experienced coming.

Has this ever happened to you before?Yeah, we had actually a fire every top town all up in the wheelhouse. I don’t know if they verified that on television or not. Matt Bradley captured it. That bumped right into it and also put his hand ~ above there and also thing was just glowing and red hot. I’m no saying it’s a usual thing. We were just lucky that the guys were up and awake and also maybe responded as soon as they did.

How challenging was that to put the fire out?It was a challenge because you’ve got all that smoke. I think had actually the guys been — if the guys were resting it would have been a whole different scenario. Us were damn lucky.

Was everyone okay afterward?No, my brothers Edgar had actually smoke inhalation and also he to be pretty messed up. Favor I said, i don’t know, you acquired to remember, they’ve only obtained so many hours to show what happens. I don’t understand if they’ll even show that top top the program.

Given your heart assault earlier this year, stress favor this isn’t valuable to you, clearly. How are friend holding up after this?I to be doing well after the fact due to the fact that I live in rejection . It’s a good world come live in. Me and also denial are good friends. ns thin it take it its toll, and also it’s strange. Once I look ago now, I watch things very differently.

Was there considerable damage come the boat?The cost was well over, probably between I would say approximately $150,000, $200,000 precious of damage. I think you change the whole panel and also it to be a kicker fixing this harbor. They had actually to redo it right here in Seattle when the watercraft came down. It was a many money.

Your daughter Mandy to be on board with you. Just how old is she, and also how walk she handle the experience?Mandy’s 20. She did well. At the time, it to be all about the fire. Once we gained it placed out, climate I started thinking to myself, ‘Well, Jesus, here you have actually your brother’s ~ above board, you have actually a 2nd generation of household with Mandy.’ That’s when I began thinking then. A lot of it, ~ above the way in, since we to be hand-steering and trying to gain the boat into the beach, that’s as soon as I began to worry around her. Ns didn’t want to alarm her because we were never ever really out of the woods. It was an extremely scary. She really wants to be a part of our family business, but this wasn’t something that I would wish on anybody.

Has this endure made you think about any added precautions or safety actions you might want come implement?Well, I average everybody type of sprang into action. We perform safety drills. I was really surprised about how responsive the males were. It’s nearly like it wake up on — and anybody in the navy or police force, you go with these drills and it becomes just secondhand, right? You simply do it. I was very happy around that. As much as what space you walk to perform different, there’s nothing you can do different. It’s a mechanically thing. Friend know? friend just obtained to be ready. An extremely lucky. And they’re gaining older, type of choose me.

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Where does this fire rank among the most too much incidents you’ve competent in your years the fishing?I would certainly say it’s fairly a ways up there. As far as extreme, we’ve had the boat on that side, it was sinking under our feet. That was scary. The fire sort of it s okay you after the fact because you need to react for this reason quickly, yet then girlfriend really see it after the truth when you obtain it out. You’re thinking, ‘Boy, friend know, you’re in the middle of nowhere and had it been a various time of job or had actually the guys not responded and they go …’ That’s once you view it.

And viewers can see it in the June 21 episode of Deadliest Catch, airing in ~ 9pm ET/PT on exploration Channel. The illustration is preceded by the return of The Bait at 8pm ET/PT. Here’s an exclusive sneak emergence of the June 21 episode of The Bait: