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The crew members top top Discovery’s "Deadliest Catch" learned the the death of their friend and also fellow fisherman, Nick McGlashan, in the latest episode that the series.

McGlashan, recognized as a deck ceo on the Summer Bay and a faithful crew member under Capt. "Wild" invoice Wichrowski, died at period 33 in December in Nashville, Tenn. The a drug overdose. He appeared in much more than 78 illustration of the acclaimed series.

Yahoo entertain notes the 36 hours before the begin of the following fishing season, cameras to be rolling together the various other members the the present received the sad news of their colleague’s passing. The whole thing played the end on the emotional June 15 illustration of the struggle series.

"I"ve got text messages and also words going about that Nick McGlashan pass away," Captain Sig Hansen revealed. "Nick to be a part of Summer Bay and also pretty much every watercraft Bill "s been running lately. Bill, you know, treated him as family."

He continued: "I couldn"t imagine what he"s walk through ideal now, yet hopefully Bill will make this season happen, presume he even comes up in ~ all. Ns don"t know the status and also where Bill"s head is at."

After lot of seasons and also years in the very same Alaskan fishing community, the actors of "Deadliest Catch" confirmed their support for one one more in the episode. Because of the coronavirus, it was unclear at the moment what, if any, memorial would take place for McGlashan. Wichrowski chose to conduct a tribute to his old girlfriend on the water by throw his hook into the s for the critical time and firing turn off expired flare weapons so, as Bill said, "Nick have the right to see us."

Yahoo reports that Nick’s family members was present for the tribute, yet they weren"t the only ones. Invoice was visibly touched on the illustration to check out that every other boat in the fleet verified up come pay your respects to your departed co-star.

"I shed a trusted friend, superb employee, and a brothers in life," Wichrowski claimed over the radio. "We"re gonna say goodbye come Nick McGlashan, yet he"ll always be v us. Love you, Nick. Love everything around you. Ns love you guys for comes in because that this. I"m yes, really blown away. Say thanks to you."

According come his bio on exploration Go, McGlashan struggled v alcohol and also drug addiction prior to entering rehab in 2017 throughout Season 13 the the show.

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"Our deepest sympathy goes the end to Nick’s love ones throughout this an overwhelming time. Nick come from a lengthy line the crabbers and also was known for his an excellent depth of knowledge. He likewise had a sharp feeling of humor even in the most complicated conditions. He will certainly be deep missed by every those who knew him," a rep for exploration told Fox News in a declare at the moment of his death.

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The collection has to be filled with similar tragedies. In August, deckhandMahlon Reyesdied at the period of 38, andBlake Painter, a boat captain, died in 2018. The was likewise 38.


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