Things are obtaining rocky in the Season 17 finale the Discovery’s long-running fan-favorite Deadliest Catch.

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In an exclude, sneak peek at the episode, Captain “Wild” invoice Wichrowski is navigating choppy waters and facing one memorable wave. Bad weather has actually hit the harbor and also his vessel, Summer Bay, is directly in its path as sky-high waves engulf the boat.


(Credit: exploration Channel)

“Yeah, we’re trying to abort here. I should turn around, **** this,” Captain “Wild” invoice says, responding to the Harbor’s radio, just as enormous swells to wash over the deck. In an attempt to revolve the watercraft around, a camera in the distance sees the boat pushed over and almost fully pulled under together shouts that “hang on!” ring the end onboard.

The groans of the ship’s steel walls room audible together the ship is tossed around and water seeps right into the internal spaces. If it shows up to it is in touch-and-go for a minute, Captain “Wild” bill declares, “I think we’re safe” prior to radioing to his crew, “Is anyone on board?”

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He has to repeat the question prior to receiving a shaky response that anyone is still aboard the boat, yet it’s clear that they didn’t make it the end of the ordeal unscathed. Simply as the crew and also captain have actually been jostled, so has actually every article aboard the Summer Bay.

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Food, equipment, paperwork, and more sit on the floors the the watercraft as water pools at the crew’s feet. “It’s among them people you’ll talk around for years,” the captain declares. Check out the complete scene open in the exclude, clip, above, and also don’t miss the action-packed Season 17 finale top top Discovery.

Deadliest Catch, Season 17 Finale, Tuesday, September 21, 8/7c, Discovery


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