Captain Sig Hansen net Worth: Captain Sig Hansen is a Captain on the Northwestern fishing vessel and also reality tv star who has actually a network worth the $4 million. Captain Hansen is finest known for appearing on the fact TV present Deadliest Catch because the series debut.

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His boat, F/V Northwestern, is one of the most productive in the whole show, and Captain Hansen hold the honor of never losing a solitary sailor come the unstable seas. In enhancement to his starring function on Deadliest Catch, Hansen additionally serves as a technological advisor.

Early Life: Sigurd Jonny Hansen was born top top April 28th the 1966 in Seattle. Sigurd originates from a long line the Norweigan fisherman. He an initial started working on his father"s fishing boat at the age of 14 and also became a full time fisherman after graduating native high school. Throughout this period, Sig Hansen became familiar v Alaskan waters and the Bering Sea.

Fishing Career: Eventually, Sig Hansen worked his way up the ranking aboard the Northwestern and also became a relief skipper. By 24, he was the full time captain of the vessel. Under his command, the vessel has enjoyed great record, both in regards to safety and also gross production. In 2005 and 2006, the Northwestern earned the highest possible amount that money of all the vessels featured top top Deadliest Catch.

In 2020, Captain Sig Hansen announced that the coronavirus pandemic was taking its toll on his fishing operations. If admitting that he to be "fortunate" to have actually the possibility to continue fishing and make money, he additionally reported that he to be spending "hundreds the thousands" the dollars on watercraft repairs to prepare for the upcoming months.

Television and Film: Outside that Deadliest Catch, Sig Hansen has collected a few notable credits. In 2010, he showed up on The Tonight present with Jay Leno. He additionally voiced the personality of Crabby the boat in Disney"s animated movie Cars 2. In 2015, he contended in Celebrity Apprentice 7 (season 14).

Family Life: During his an initial marriage, Sig Hansen had one biological daughter, Melissa Eckstrom. After he divorce his first wife, a legal fight resulted in Hansen no being enabled to check out his daughter. He later relinquished his parental rights, and also he is currently estranged indigenous his daughter. ~ marrying his second wife, June, Sig Hansen adopted two daughters.

Health Concerns: Captain Sig Hansen has actually struggled with miscellaneous health pertains to over the food of his life. Countless of these worries are allegedly brought about by his famous smoking habit. In one episode, it to be revealed the Hansen"s smoking habit over the years price him around the price of an average house.

In 2016, Hansen experienced a heart attack that was recorded by Deadliest catch film crews. Later, Hansen suffered a 2nd heart attack after an disadvantage reaction come antibiotics. In 2019, Hansen was supposedly diagnosed v cancer.

Controversy: In 2017, it was reported that among Sig Hansen"s estranged daughters had accused her father of sexual abuse. Follow to her, the alleged events dated earlier to a duration when she was simply two years old. Sig Hansen denied all of the accusations leveled versus him, and the court instance was dropped because of insufficient evidence.

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In 2018, Sig Hansen pled guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge pertained to an occurrence where the Deadliest record star spat on an Uber driver. He later on apologized to the Uber driver because that the altercation.