S17 · distinct · trial of a Generation

13 Apr 2021

A depleted us crab fleet arrives in netherlands Harbor come an... More

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S17 · E1 · the end of the Ashes

20 Apr 2021

With half the crab watercrafts tied up, Sig devises a setup to save... More

S17 · E2 · Russian Dragger

27 Apr 2021

When Mandy devises a plan for partnering, Sig have to rethink... More

S17 · E3 · allude of No Return

4 may 2021

Jake attempts a daring nighttime rescue in high seas as... More

S17 · E4 · Time Machine

11 might 2021

Driving the time Bandit and also Cornelia Marie, Josh and also Casey... More

S17 · E5 · pressure Majeure

18 might 2021

As a typhoon rocks the Bering Sea, the Summer just suffers a... More

S17 · E6 · minimal Zone

25 might 2021

Johnathan and Sig companion to hunting the elusive Bairdi hoard... More

S17 · E7 · What would certainly Phil Harris Do?

1 Jun 2021

With the Bairdi fishery open up for the very first time in years,... More

S17 · E8 · Tangled Web

8 Jun 2021

Time Bandit and also Cornelia Marie gyeongju for the last spot at the... More

S17 · E10 · fact Will collection You Free

22 Jun 2021

When Johnathan trusts his instincts an ext than his partners,... More

S17 · E11 · Shipbreakers

29 Jun 2021

As seawater floods in, Wild Bill's crew rushes to find a... More

S17 · E12 · excessive Arctic

6 Jul 2021

As a polar vortex storm slams the Cornelia Marie in the far... More

S17 · E14 · The Crush

27 Jul 2021

As the fast-moving ice edge crushes all in the path, Sig and... More

S17 · E15 · run Silent operation Deep

3 Aug 2021

Skirting the ice line come the deepest collection of their careers,... More

S17 · E16 · first Come very first Served

10 Aug 2021

As canneries unexpectedly change delivery rules, captains... More

S17 · E17 · Quid pro Crab

17 Aug 2021

Captains scramble to accomplish an increased quota in the route of a... More

S17 · E18 · Winter's Gambit

24 Aug 2021

An Arctic storm blasts the fleet together Sig endeavors to deep... More

S17 · E20 · over the Rail

7 Sep 2021

Jake battles a hurricane in the fleet's smallest watercraft while... More

S17 · E21 · very first in Line

14 Sep 2021

When processors closeup of the door down as result of outbreaks, Sig bets the can... More

S17 · E22 · The can be fried Price

21 Sep 2021

In the season finale, Keith threats pushing v jagged ice... More

S17 · E23 · Succession

28 Sep 2021

As Sig Hansen approaches "greatest of all time" status as a... More

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