This is the very first in a collection of posts around Hurricane Preparedness Week. Remain tuned because that our next post about the beginning of hurricane names, why particular hurricane names space retired, and also more.

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Cyclone, tropic storm, typhoon, hurricane. These storms might go by various names approximately the globe, but they room universally feared because that the destruction and havoc they wreak wherever they do landfall.

As we approach hurricane season — which takes place in between June 1 and also Nov. 30 because that Atlantic coastline residents — it’s vital to get earlier into a hurricane safety mindset well before the very first storm of the summer makes headlines and also the crowds rush supermarkets because that milk, bread, and also eggs.

May 8 clues the start of Hurricane Preparedness Week, and also in acknowledgment of this week, we will be share hurricane contents to aid keep your family informed and safe ahead of hurricane season.

Today, we look in ~ the most deadly hurricanes from the previous 100 years to rock our nation.

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1. Mountain Felipe-Okeechobee Hurricane, 1928: 1,836 deaths

The san Felipe-Okeechobee Hurricane is the second most deadly hurricane in the entire background of the joined States, paling in comparison only to the notorious 1900 Galveston Hurricane. The storm was called in part after the commemorated feast day of Saint Phi, which dropped on the job the storm to win Puerto Rico.

San Felipe-Okeechobee fight Florida on Sept. 16, 1928 roughly 6 p.m., and also although most coastal regions of the state fared well v the storm, those that lived near Lake Okeechobee proficient unforeseen devastation.

The rain indigenous the hurricane fill Lake Okeechobee come the brim, causing the dikes to fail and lake water to overwhelming the nearby farmlands, follow to the Chicago Tribune. Virtually 2,000 world died in the aftermath of this flood waters.

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2. Hurricane Katrina, 2005: 1,200 deaths

Hurricane Katrina ended up being a family members name top top Aug. 29, 2005 when it do landfall as a fierce group 3 storm in Louisiana. Katrina’s storm surging was an especially unforgiving in brand-new Orleans, where it damaged levees, stranded residents on rooftops, and also left four-fifths that the city submerged in flood waters, follow to the brand-new York Times.

The wrath of Hurricane Katrina resulted in catastrophic damage to Louisiana, Mississippi, and also Alabama, displacing numerous thousands of human being from their homes. The commonwealth Emergency Management agency estimates the complete damage resulted in by the storm come tally as much as $108 billion, making that the costliest hurricane in the background of the united States.

Because of the level of the hurricane’s destruction, the surname “Katrina” has been retirement from usage for future hurricane names.

The results of Hurricane Katrina room still feel to now along the Gulf Coast, as residents continue to rebuild their communities. Studies imply that the storm has actually taken a irreversible physical and mental toy fee on victims.

One 2016 study published in ar Mental health and wellness Journal uncovered that end one-fourth that Hurricane Katrina evacuees sampled in the examine met the symptom criteria for major depressive disorder (MDD), and just under 10 percent met the symptom criteria for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

3. Atlantic-Gulf, 1919: 600 come 900 deaths

This hurricane brushed up through the Gulf the Mexico happen under Florida together a group 4 storm, before weakening to a group 3 in ~ landfall in body Christi, Texas. The hurricane’s winds developed a storm rise of up to 12 feet, causing major damage come the coastal area the the city, according to the U.S. National Oceanic and also Atmospheric Administration.

In total, in between 600 to 900 civilization died as a an outcome of the hurricane. Most of these civilization were aboard the 10 ships in the area, which sunk or went missing during the storm.

4. Hurricane Audrey, 1957: 416 deaths

Hurricane Audrey is amongst the worst hurricanes come strike the Gulf coastline in current decades. The storm made its devastating landfall near the shore of the Texas/Louisiana border top top June 26, 1957.

Audrey walk extensive damage to many cities in Louisiana. Cameron, Louisiana was completely destroyed through the exception of one structure, the town’s courthouse, which continued to be standing after ~ the storm passed through, follow to History. The storm rise downed dwellings along the Louisiana Intracoastal Waterway and also was responsible because that the majority of the resides lost during Hurricane Audrey.

And that’s not all. Audrey’s winds spawned numerous tornadoes throughout Mississippi and also Alabama, i m sorry caused added damage further inland, follow to Hurricane Science. Hurricane Audrey is additionally infamous for coming to be the an initial hurricane to with fearsome classification 4 toughness in the month the June, i beg your pardon is relatively early in hurricane season.

5. Hurricane Sandy, 2012: 285 deaths

Hurricane Sandy (also recognized as Superstorm Sandy) is proof the even fairly “minor” storms can reason catastrophic damages when the conditions are right, as the storm to be technically a post-tropical cyclone, quite than a true hurricane, once it hit brand-new Jersey top top Oct. 29, 2012.

Despite being downgraded native a classification 1 storm by the moment it make landfall, Sandy unleashed high winds and also record storm surges from brand-new Jersey to Connecticut. The terrible storm surges were made worse in component by high tides due to the full moon, according to the NOAA, leading to mass flooding of lower Manhattan’s seawalls, highways, and subway tunnels transparent the city.

Coastal cities throughout the area to be demolished in the surge. Millions of occupants experienced mass strength outages for weeks ~ the storm. Gas shortages additionally became one issue and also gas rationing was instituted in some counties in new York and new Jersey, according to CNN.

While not almost as deadly as Katrina, Superstorm Sandy still confirmed itself to be a truly destructive force, costing the United states over $50 exchange rate in repairs. The remnants of Sandy’s wrath space still feel in some coastal cities in new Jersey and new York such as Breezy point and long Beach Island.

Lingering damage from the storm tho plagues the new York subway area’s infrastructure, bring about the emergency shutdown and repair that the Metropolitan transportation Authority’s Montague Street Tunnel in 2013, and also the to plan shutdown of the Canarsie Tunnel:target="_blank" in 2019.

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Hurricane Season is virtually Here

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