Shortly after ~ the season 2 finale, season 3 was announced top top, followed shortly after by a live results featuring new host Richard "Mack" Machowicz answering pan questions. Top top October 13 the present announced the start of production for the season. Over the food of several weeks, Spike revealed the Season 3 enhance ups. The fight simulator now simulates 5,000 battles as opposed come the vault 1,000. The new format is a squad on squad fight of 5 vs. 5. An median of 100 various X-factors are currently factored right into each simulation, each being rated on a scale from 1 come 100. Season 3 premiered on July 20, 2011 in ~ 10 afternoon EDT.

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Season 3 episode 9 - French international Legion vs. Gurkhas

The French international Legion, the elite military of real-life expendibles who France sends to do its dirty job-related vs. The Gurkhas, the fearless mountain assassins that take on the british Empire"s many dangerous missions. Air day : 14th-Sep-2011

Deadliest Warrior - Season : 3

Season 3 episode 1 - George Washington vs. Napoleon

Big leaders, enlarge battle. The male who lead the United claims of America to victory over the British throughout faces up against one the Europe"s many successful conquerors of every time. Air date : 20th-Jul-2011Read More

Season 3 episode 2 - Joan the Arc vs. Wilhelm the conquer

Deadliest Warrior ultimately has its very first co-ed matchup when Joan the Arc squares off against William the Conqueror. Air day : 27th-Jul-2011Read More

Season 3 episode 3 - U.S. Military Rangers vs. North oriental Special Operations forces

A distinct live episode of most dangerous Warrior boasting the first ever “anticipatory” match, staging the fight between the U.S. Army Rangers and also the North oriental Special Operations pressures along the korean Peninsula as a “possible people War III” scenario. Air date : 3rd-Aug-2011Read More

Season 3 episode 4 - Genghis cannes vs. Hannibal

Genghis Khan, Asia"s cold-blooded human being conqueror, and also Hannibal, the brutal annihilator that the roman inn Empire, confront off to the death in a battle between two warriors that wrote the publication on old combat. Air date : 10th-Aug-2011Read More

Season 3 illustration 5 - Saddam Hussein vs. Pol Pot

Chemical assassin and also Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein walk head-to-head with Cambodian communist leader Pol Pot, who Khmer Rouge troops filled Cambodia"s killing areas with numerous innocent victims. Air day : 17th-Aug-2011Read More

Season 3 illustration 6 - Teddy Roosevelt vs. Lawrence that Arabia

Lawrence the Arabia, the fearless British Officer who lugged down a mighty empire, faces off against Teddy Roosevelt, the brash and brawny U.S. Military Colonel who toppled Spanish tyrants in Cuba... Air day : 24th-Aug-2011Read More

Season 3 illustration 7 - Ivan the disastrous vs. Hernan Cortes

Ivan the Terrible, Russia"s sadistic 16th Century tsar who murderous, placed death squads built Europe"s largest realm of its time vs. Hernán Cortés, the brutal Spanish explorer whose conquistadors dominated the largest empire in north America the the 16th Century. Air date : 31st-Aug-2011Read More

Season 3 episode 8 - Crazy equine vs. Pancho Villa

Crazy Horse, the fierce Lakota warrior the the 1870"s who brilliant fight plans and fearless offensives annihilated basic Custer at Little big Horn vs Pancho Villa, The mexico revolutionary whose guerrilla army destroyed corruption dictators in the beforehand 20th century and then got into the united States. Air day : 7th-Sep-2011Read More

Season 3 illustration 9 - French international Legion vs. Gurkhas

The French foreign Legion, the elite military of real-life expendibles that France sends to do its dirty work-related vs. The Gurkhas, the fearless mountain assassins who take top top the british Empire"s many dangerous missions. Air date : 14th-Sep-2011Read More

Season 3 illustration 10 - Vampires vs. Zombies

Vampires room undead creatures that sustain their visibility on the blood the living people vs.Zombies, the life dead, deceased humans that have been provided unnatural life to return from the grave. Air date : 14th-Sep-2011Read More

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