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With a little, or a lot, the luck, someone will be crowned the big winner the the Mega Millions lottery and also the $1 exchange rate jackpot. As the drawing nears, it"s herbal for civilization to sirloin to buy tickets, but there is a cutoff time for world taking their shot at becoming wealthy beyond their imagination.

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In plenty of states, eligible tickets are sold until 15 minutes before the illustration takes place. The drawing for Mega Millions will occur at 11 p.m. EDT ~ above Friday, so, if friend live in an eligible state top top the east Coast, you need to purchase her ticket through 10:45 p.m EDT. If you"re in central Time Zone, that way 9:45 p.m. CDT. The West shore should have their ticket in hand through 7:45 p.m PDT.

However, there are exceptions to this time limit, for this reason it"s ideal to examine the rule in your very own state. Because that example, in Maine, new Hampshire, Vermont, the cutoff is 9:50 p.m. EDT on the day of the drawing.

After a collection of illustrations during which nobody hit big, the Mega Millions reached a lining $1 billion through a cash option of $565 million ~ above Friday. The huge prize is the second-largest pot of cash in United claims lottery history.


A woman purchases Mega Millions ticket in Washington, D.C., top top Friday, as the jackpot nears $1 billion. The last opportunity to purchase tickets in many states is 15 minutes before the drawing. JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty ImagesTo take it a shot in ~ winning the life-changing compensation money, a person over the period of 18 needs to acquisition a ticket for two dollars v the choice to assumption: v the Megaplier for an extra dollar. Tickets are offered at a selection of establishments, consisting of convenience stores, gas stations and newspaper stands.

There space two ways a person can pick their numbers, either by choosing details numbers or through random selection. If there is a set of lucky numbers the person wants come play, they pick five different numbers varying from one to 70 and one number ranging from one to 25. If the human wants to leaving it approximately the computer to decide your fate, lock can choose the basic Pick/Quick pick option and also have numbers generated for them.

There space nine ways a person can win the Mega Million lottery, ranging from the peak prize down to the cost of your ticket:

5 numbers + gold Mega Ball complement = Jackpot5 number + no gold Mega Ball match = $1,000,0004 number + yellow Mega Ball complement = $10,0004 numbers + no gold Mega Ball complement = $5003 numbers + yellow Mega Ball complement = $2003 number + no gold Mega Ball enhance = $102 numbers + gold ball complement = $101 number + yellow ball match = $40 numbers + gold ball enhance = $2

Winners have actually two choices for claiming your prize, one of two people in an instant payment adhered to by 29 subsequent payments, or in one lump sum of cash.

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While not as high as the Mega Millions prize, also on the line this weekend is the $470 million compensation attached to the power Ball. The illustration for the Power ball will take ar on Saturday evening.