Driver arrested for DUI following crash with "serious injuries" in Duluth

Duluth police room investigating this crash involving two vehicles and also at least one significant injury.

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4 work ago

Water revitalized after main break create sinkhole impacting 170 residences in Cobb County

A water main break on Ben King roadway in Cobb ar is impacting 170 homes and two institutions in the area. Officials to speak repairs can take hours.

October 6

Lanes follow me busy Gwinnett ar parkway reopen after major accident

Police claimed at 2:18 p.m. ~ above Wednesday one accident shut under all westbound lanes on Ronald Reagan Parkway native Webb Gin residence Road to five Forks Trickum Road.

October 6

Video: Driver reverses on Ohio federal government after apparently missing exit

“Don’t be this driver,” the Ohio room of Transportation said in a Facebook article sharing the traffic camera footage.

October 6

Deadly auto crashes top top the rise on Georgia highways

more than 1,000 people have passed away on Georgia"s highways so much in 2021 and also pedestrian deaths space up virtually 17% contrasted to 2020.

October 6

Troup county mother, unborn child uncovered in crashed car riddled v bullets die

Investigators in Troup County space trying to item together what led to a shooting and crash that claimed the life of a pregnant woman and also her unborn boy on Tuesday afternoon.

October 6

Wrong-way crash on Veterans Memorial Highway injures household of 6

Police unsuccessfully test to usage a PIT maneuver come disable the vehicle but were able to slow down the automobile a bit.

October 5

Oconee county deputy seriously hurt in head-on crash

an Oconee county deputy is recovering ~ a passing auto hit your cruiser head-on do the efforts to stop traffic.

October 5

Water main break shuts under Alpharetta road

Crews are working to fix a broken water main on Henderson Parkway in Alpharetta. Motorists commuting in the area should setup for major delays and also look for alternating routes.

October 4

Gwinnett County family remembers 27-year-old killed in a Gwinnett county hit and run

A Gwinnett county household is urging the driver that allegedly caused their boy deadly crash to rotate himself in.

October 2

Officer"s bodycam reflects near-miss v passing auto during web traffic stop

Snellville police space asking chauffeurs to “Please move over!” for officers stopped top top the next of the road. This after ~ an officer"s near-missing v a passing car was caught on bodycam video.

October 1

Atlanta DOT working to decrease rate limit on practically 75% the its roadways to 25 MPH

almost 60 world have passed away on Atlanta roads in 2021, follow to the city"s room of Transportation. They"re functioning on a arrangement to do the streets safer including reducing almost 75% of it"s highways to 25 mph.

September 29

Georgia State Patrol investigate deadly crash on I-85 in Jackson County

Georgia State Patrol is in ~ the step of a deadly wreck in Jackson County.

September 29

Fatal crash including pedestrian shuts under Covington Highway

A fatal crash including a pedestrian shut under all lanes of Covington Highway Wednesday morning.

September 29

Traffic moving again after significant wreck influenced southbound lanes the I-285 in DeKalb County

Crews room addressing a significant wreck that periodically shut down all southbound lanes on interstate 285 in DeKalb County, according to the Georgia room of Transportation. 

September 21

Family desires answers after ~ 12-year-old killed in auto being chased through GSP troopers

A Douglasville family members is to plan a funeral for a 12-year-old because he passed away in a crash after troopers carry out a PIT maneuver the they said was essential to stop the automobile he to be riding in from speeding.

September 15

Four injured in Peachtree commercial Blvd. Crash

Four civilization were injured in a crash along a liven Gwinnett county roadway ~ above Tuesday afternoon.

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September 14

Snellville officer recovering from vehicle wreck, police say

Police shut down Scenic Highway in both directions between Wisteria Drive and also Dogwood Road during an accident examination involving a Snellville Police room officer.

September 9