September 30, 2021 at 1:02 pm EDTBy News StaffAtlanta police investigators space still make the efforts to piece together details on a deadly shooting the took place roughly 3:30 a.m Thursday in ~ a house on Beatie Avenue.

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We very first reported the shooting as breaking news on Channel 2 action News this morning.

Residents in the community told Channel 2 action News Reporter Christian Jennings the police have actually been the end to the residence several times.

Jennings found the reports the verify the claim.

The neighbors told her they are no longer shocked once a crime wake up on the street or if castle hear gunshots. This time, the crime price a young guy his life.

“It’s sad and also unfortunate the it’s come to something prefer this,” claimed Atlanta police Homicide Detective, Lt. Daniel Genson.

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Genson claimed the man was shot number of times but he did not understand if the man resided in the home.

“Right currently we’re in the preliminary stages of the examination to recognize the scenarios behind the shooting,” Genson said.

Once police took down the crime step tape, Jennings and her photographer moved closer to the house and also saw the words “Murder Game” painted top top the center of the street. They stated the image likewise had three letters and the picture of a body outline.

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Now that police have actually cleared, us were maybe to move closer to obtain a much better look in ~ the residence where this deadly shooting arisen this morning ~ above Beatie Ave. Thats once we noticed who spray-painted “Murder Game” in the street exterior the home #AtlantaPolice

— Christian Jennings (
CJenningsWSB) September 30, 2021

Jennings speak to a neighbor who did no feel comfortable being determined on camera. She stated police were at this same house as newly as August.

“Sadly I’m becoming numb to everything,” the ar said. “There to be a raid and also they blocked the street off. There was a bout a dozen cop cars, a K9 unit. We never heard what occurred with that.”

Atlanta police sent five reports listed in their system of cases at the home over the past year. Two of them to be shootings in May and also June that this year. Another report thorough a drug bust in September of 2020 and also undercover drug operations earlier this previous summe


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