A McCormick male was eliminated Thursday morning in this wreck follow me U.S. Highway 178 close to Scotts Ferry Road, and also state Highway Patrol and Department of transport officials were on step investigating.

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The front end of a Chrysler 200 was caved in after a fatal wreck Thursday morning follow me U.S. Highway 178 in ~ Scotts Ferry roadway in Greenwood County.


The driver-side door the an there was no sign Chevrolet refer van showed up removed Thursday morning, together highway public official investigated a deadly wreck along U.S. Highway 178.

A state department of transportation worker was killed and two others hurt in a two-vehicle crash Thursday morning south of Ninety Six.

Charles “Chuck” Kennedy, 59, died at the scene, Greenwood county Coroner Sonny Cox said. In a statement come media, period secretary Christy Hall claimed Kennedy was driving a department van when an oncoming auto crossed the centerline and also struck the DOT car head-on. Two people in the van were likewise injured, and both were taken to an area hospital because that treatment. A 24-year-old Bradley guy was steering alone in the car and was also taken come an area hospital.

The crash occurred at 6:17 a.m. On U.S. Highway 178 near Scotts Ferry Road, according to the state Highway Patrol. Master Trooper Brandon Bolt claimed the Bradley guy was control a 2012 Chrysler 200 west follow me Highway 178 as soon as the vehicle went left of the centerline and hit the 2017 Chevrolet Express valve head-on. Sunrise was at around that time, and Greenwood saw light rain Thursday morning.

The there was no sign van sat Thursday morning in the ditch beside Highway 178, the Chrysler alongside it, both v severe damages to the fronts. Highway Patrol officials to be still on step at around noon, alongside Department of transport officials, investigate the wreck. Both vehicles had their driver-side doors gotten rid of so officials might get the drivers out, despite the van’s passengers were not trapped.

“Our hearts are damaged again as we endure through another death of one SCDOT Team member and two an ext who to be injured,” hall said. “Our mind go the end to the families. They deserve to be sure that SCDOT will support them in any means possible.”

According to DOT, Kennedy to be an avid fisherman and also racing fan who appreciated playing golf with his coworkers in ~ McCormick country Club. He never met a stranger and also was well-known for his sense of humor. Kennedy join the room February 2020. He pipeline behind a wife, Mary, two children and also a variety of grandchildren.

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Highway Patrol’s Multi-disciplinary Accident investigation Team is assisting.


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