These days, Meghan Markle is the Duchess the Sussex, carrying out imperial duties with her husband, Prince Harry.

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But years ago, she to be a struggling actress make the efforts to do it work-related as a “briefcase girl” ~ above the game show Deal or No Deal. Now, that present is return to television on CNBC, and its host, Howie Mandel, is speaking out about the show’s breakout star.

Fox News reports Mandel joked about the Duchess of Sussex throughout the Television movie critics Association push tour this week. “She was slightly duchessy,” he joked, come laughs native the room. He and also executive producer Scott St. John weighed in on Markle together they advocated the show’s comeback after ~ 9 years off the air.


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“She to be not associated in countless episodes, yet I walk remember her. She to be a very nice person,” St. John said. “I can’t say the I observed anything—I actually think every the females on our display are special.”

Mandel’s real allude was the the females who hosted briefcases ~ above Deal or No Deal were every unique and had their very own lives going on off-camera. “Not everyone will have the possibility to accomplish royalty, however these room all achieved people that have something substantial—they’re not just standing there holding a case,” the said. "They have careers, they have actually hobbies, they have actually families, they’re entrepreneurial—they’re every people. So, as soon as somebody favor Harry meets somebody who simply happened to it is in on our show, there’s a lot to offer.”


Markle has talked out in the past around working on the show, and how jarring it was coming right from a an ext serious gig abroad. “I would placed that in the group of points I to be doing while i was auditioning to shot to make ends meet. Ns went from functioning in the U.S. Embassy in Argentina to ending up ~ above Deal. It"s operation the gamut,” she said Esquire in 2013. “Definitely working on Deal or No deal was a finding out experience, and it helped me to understand what i would rather be doing.”


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