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Coming right into a huge, unexpected windfall — prefer if you win the lottery or score huge on a game display — can be life-changing. The flow of money could allow you to perform things you've only ever before dreamed of, choose taking one exotic vacation or paying off all her debt.

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But winning large can also come through some unforeseen drawbacks, follow to tomorrow Rodriguez, a "Deal or No Deal" contestant that won $1 million in 2008.

As the second-ever $1 million winner in the united States, Rodriguez, who showed up as part of the show's "Million dissension Mission" series, says she feeling "blessed" after picking the winning briefcase. But after the show ended and the mania passed away down, she didn't choose to discuss her good fortune.

"I don't talk about it," she says, "even when people want to … ns still don't talk about it." That's mostly due to the fact that of the method her relationships changed with part close family members members and also friends after the show.

"The worst part of winning a million dollars is periodically you discover out the people closest come you treat girlfriend a small different," she says. "They speak you've changed," yet "it's not that you've adjusted — they've readjusted when lock can't obtain what castle want."

What lock want, oftentimes, is money. "It hurt mine feelings" to find that out, Rodriguez says, due to the fact that "I want people just to gain to know me. I don't desire anyone to think, like, I'm bragging," or for human being to come right into her life only due to the fact that she's wealthier.

For that reason, numerous financial professionals recommend remaining quiet. "While you might want to shout this life-changing news native the rooftops," rich Ramassini, a certified jae won planner and also director of strategy and sales power at PNC Investments, tells make It, limit your confidantes to just a few.

"Money have the right to change, disrupt or end relationships. It can also lead to you hearing from relatives or girlfriend you never knew existed," the says.

Of course, keeping quiet isn't constantly easy, particularly if you've triumphed on nationwide television.

Jason Kurland, a partner at law-firm Rivkin Radler, claims that, if friend can't contain your identity, you should consider taking a hiatus from social media prior to you collect your winnings.

"The media will shot to find as plenty of pictures possible, and social media is the very first place come look. You want to make sure there's as little an individual information out there, prefer your phone call number or address."

If you need to, invest time away from home, too. "Being the end of town for a few days have the right to help," that says. "In this 24-hour news cycle, the interest in a winner will hopefully disappear after ~ a few days. If you can avoid being approximately for a week, girlfriend might be able to escape the early stage exposure."

'If I could go home with the quantity I must pay those bills off ... Climate I'm good'

A lot of good, that course, deserve to come from your windfall. Prior to being picked together a contestant for the show, for example, Rodriguez claims she to be living paycheck to paycheck. She isn't anymore.

"Oh, gosh. My student loans were close to, like, $100,000," she says. As part of army life, Rodriguez and her husband relocated often, which meant changing schools and beginning over.

"First, I was in Maine, going come college, and then I transferred out of Maine" come The college of Texas at mountain Antonio, and from over there she walk "over right into Colorado." and "every time we readjust duty station … you have to start different programs and also lose credits. It simply piles up, you know?"

So, as soon as it concerned the opportunity of winning on "Deal or No Deal," Rodriguez says she didn't also think about getting rich. "I just thought, 'If I can go home with the lot I should pay those receipt off, and also a small bit more, climate I'm good.'"

And that's specifically what happened.

Rodriguez says she's offered her winnings to salary off her loans, donate to causes within she community, stash away funds to assistance her daughter's dream that attending clinical school and travel much more with she family. She additionally says she's started saving and also investing.

And when Rodriguez is much more financially comfortable now, she claims she still keeps a budget and is cognizant around the means she spends. "We're still doing nice well. We're still reaping the blessings," she says, but "I'm quiet conscious. I'm still safe. I have a setup A, B, a back-up and an extra job."

She realizes now, she says, the "If I want to to buy it, I can buy it. But I won't. That's frivolous spending."

Life v $1 million

Rodriguez, who works through at-risk youth in ~ the college of Texas in ~ Austin and also will be featured on the premiere of "Deal or No Deal: earlier in Business," has a basic piece that advice because that those who might win a game present or otherwise come into a large windfall: obtain help.

"I would recommend rental a gaue won advisor," she says.

Money experts agree. "The first thing to perform is call a financial planner and an accountant," says Greg McBride, cook financial analyst at customer financial agency Bankrate. "Don't quit your job or make any large decisions. That have the right to wait until the dust settles."

A planner can aid you prioritize her needs, produce a budget and also advise you around the taxation obligations regarded your winnings and also how castle may influence your planning.

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"Think the this person as the quarterback of her advisory team," Ramassini says. "He or she will evaluation your brand-new financial situation and assist you create goals for spending, saving, giving and also investing," and also determine just how to allocate the remainder to fulfill your financial needs.

Once you've confirm those boxes and are maybe to control your money responsibly, there's one last thing you shouldn't forget to do, Rodriguez says: "Enjoy yourself. Gain your winnings. Enjoy every little of it."

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