Dean Ambrose caught his an initial WWE human being Heavyweight Championship in ~ Money in the Bank.Credit:

WWE Money in the bank 2016 lived approximately its billing as being WWE"s biggest installment of all time.

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Only one hour removed from his hard-fought win in the Money in the bank ladder complement over five other hungry competitors, Dean Ambrose cashed in the contract top top Seth Rollins instantly following the main occasion to catch his first WWE civilization Heavyweight Championship.

Rollins went back at last month"s excessive Rules event with one goal on his mind: to regain the yellow he never shed last year together a result of injury. He flourished in what he set out to execute in beating roman inn Reigns because that the belt, yet he didn"t suspect Ambrose cherry-picking that moment to capitalize and cash in.

Prior come Sunday night, Ambrose had actually fallen short of winning the big one because that the previous two years at Money in the Bank thanks to Rollins. Thus, that was only fitting that pinned his former friend come secure his first world title reign at the 2016 installment.

It to be an exciting ending to an overall entertaining event that set the stage for what need to be a scintillating summer season because that WWE. However now us look to what lies ahead for Ambrose together the road to SummerSlam officially gets underway.


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Since The Shield split up two years ago, fans have been anxiously anticipating a Triple hazard match between the trio. If that would be a WrestleMania-worthy main event, it is most likely that contest comes to fruition sooner rather than later.

Battleground, albeit a heavy pay-per-view, should just be a stepping rock for SummerSlam. The said, to organize the aforementioned Triple risk there would be a waste of the money match.

Rather, v that gift the perfect enhance to headline SummerSlam 2016, a No. 1 Contender"s complement of some sort have to take place at Battleground. A 2nd round of Reigns vs. Rollins would be nice, specifically coming off Reigns" how amazing decisive defeat to Rollins. 

As for Ambrose, he can either serve as the one-of-a-kind guest referee in that enhance or defend his location in a separate enhance on the card. Regardless of not win the ladder match, Kevin Owens, Cesaro and also Chris Jericho all arised from the bout as potential challengers come the championship.

Ambrose and also Jericho have had sufficient encounters in current months, though Owens or Cesaro would be fresh deals with in the title photo right now. The will also be exciting to see what brand Ambrose belonging to as champion when the brand extension goes into effect next month.

If the reaction he obtained from the las Vegas group on Sunday night was any indication, Ambrose, no Reigns, has been the breakout babyface the The Shield. The is organically over v the audience and should be positioned in the peak spot together champion.

However, The lunatic Fringe should further construct his character during his run as champion. He proved no allegiance toward either Rollins or Reigns last week on Raw, i m sorry should create him as a tweener walk forward.

When the isn"t playing for comedy, Ambrose can be reliable as a resilient hero, and also as great of a pan favorite together he has been these past two years, there stays plenty of untapped potential through him as a hated heel.

Perhaps we begin to see the seed planted because that a change in character for Ambrose in the coming weeks. He could benefit from evolving into a scrappy underdog champion instead of the comedy duty WWE has actually relegated him to as of late.

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All in all, Ambrose as WWE world heavyweight champion is a breath of new air in the main occasion scene, and it create a slew of possibilities for the foreseeable future. WWE struggle a house run through the conclusion that Money in the bank 2016, which left fans talking and also looking front to what rather is in store.