On this day, June 19th, 2016, Dean Ambrose Wins Money In The financial institution Contract & the WWE Title. In ~ the 2016 Money In The financial institution Pay per View, every three previous members the The Shield organized the WWE Championship. However, Dean Ambrose, aka Jon Moxley, left the occasion with the WWE title end his shoulder.

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Climb the Ladder come Success

Ambrose to be a participant in the Money In The bank Ladder Match. This is the complement where the winner gets a WWE Championship wherever and also whenever he wants. Authorized Ambrose were Alberto Del Rio, Cesaro, kris Jericho, Kevin Owens, and also Sami Zayne. Any kind of one of these superstars might walk away together the winner. Cesaro to be at the peak of his video game when the hit a paris uppercut ~ above Kevin Owens. Ambrose and Jericho continued their rivalry. Jericho, that is taken into consideration the innovator that MITB, has actually yet to actually record the briefcase.

At one point, 3 ladders to be introduced, and also all six men scrambled to the top. One of the ladders gained shoved off as Alberto del Rio and also Cesaro both finished up ~ above the mat. In the end, Ambrose and also Owens were fighting on height of the ladder when Owens fell on a ladder that was set out like a scaffold. Ambrose seized that moment and grabbed the briefcase. He was currently the Money In The bank winner and was licensed has been granted to a title shot in the close to future. Little did we know that the maniac Fringe was around to shock the world.

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Roman vs. Rollins

Next was the Main occasion for the WWE Championship. Champion roman Reigns was defending versus his previous Shield teammate Seth Rollins. ~ a brutal back and forth, Reigns finally recorded Rollins through two superman punches; however, the kicked out. Provide the evil one his due, Seth Rollins would certainly not quit. The match moved the end of the ring. Reigns test a spear on Seth yet hit the barricade instead. The EMTs were checking top top the huge dog to see if the complement would continue. Rollins capitalized ~ above this and also attempted to gain the win, but Roman speared that instead. The Architect to be dazed, and also confused roman went for an additional spear yet countered it with a pedigree-type move. Rollins pinned Roman and became the new WWE Champion.

Dean Ambrose wins Money In The financial institution Contract & the WWE Title.

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The maniac Fringe Cashes In

As Seth Rollins organized WWE title in his grasp, Dean Ambrose’s music hit. Rollins waited for The lunatic to make his means down the entrance, yet Ambrose was behind the freshly crowned champion instead. V his MITB briefcase, that leveled Seth. He additionally made that clear the this was his cash in that he won only moments ago. Dean Ambrose struggle a thunderous Dirty Deeds to success the WWE Championship. The maniac Fringe to walk away together the WWE Champion. In an to exclude, interview ~ above WWE.com, Ambrose said

“We do it. That not simply me. The the civilization that sustained me along the way. The world that stuck with me. Aided me remain alive. This is theirs.”
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On this night all 3 members of the previous Shield would have held the WWE Championship. It to be as lot as a huge night because that Dean Ambrose as it to be for every members in the faction. Ambrose would be the critical of the 3 members to capture the WWE Championship. The championship success by Dean Ambrose would in reality be the just time the would capture the WWE Championship. But it was on this particular day on June 19th, 2016, Dean Ambrose Wins Money In The bank Contract & the WWE Title.