James valve Der Beek"s character had an on-screen meltdown if performing on the season premiere that Dancing through the Stars

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James valve Der Beek may be among the newest actors members to sign up with Dancing v the Stars, however he’s no stranger to the show.

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Before signing on for season 28 the the fight dancing competition, the actor competed on the present as component of a storyline ~ above the sitcom Don’t to trust the B in Apartment 23.

In season 2 of the since-canceled show, valve Der Beek, who played a fictionalized version of himself, emphasize over that would be his agree dancing partner and how come beat his best competition, Dean Cain.

“You don’t see as well much an ext of the preparation and the develop up come it,” van Der Beek told The Hollywood Reporter in 2012. “My vain is Dean Cain. I have to beat Dean Cain. He’s superman.”



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When it come time for Van Der Beek to present off his dance moves, the actor accidentally drank a spiked tea and had a full meltdown ~ above stage.


During the ending credits of the episode, the actor performed the complete dance, joking the he wasn’t going to let his “hard work” walk to waste.

“Do you have any type of idea how hard I had to job-related to find out that run routine?” he stated on Don’t to trust the B. “And the producers reduced it under to, what, like, 20 seconds? No way. No on my watch. You’re welcome, America.”

But when he said he had actually a “blast” filming the scene, that didn’t have any type of plans to show up on the show in real life — the is, till now.

“I think it’s more fun to perform it this way. You have the right to play it for laughs and not need to do all that work!” that told Parade in 2012.

But speaking to elafilador.net Now top top Wednesday, van Der Beek claimed he “always secretly wanted to perform it,” speak that’s why he pitched the DWTS storyline ~ above Don’t trust the B.

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“And then us did it, and I thought, ‘Well, okay, I’ve done it,'” that added. “I’ve been writing and also creating, and I simply sold a show. We’re going to start production most likely in about four months. And this come up, and also I thought, ‘That’s crazy … ns love crazy. Execute I desire to execute this? Yes!’ and also so I’m here.”

Along v Van Der Beek, the Supremes’ mary Wilson, Karamo Brown, The Bachelorette‘s Hannah Brown, supermodel Christie Brinkley, country star Lauren Alaina, NFL legend beam Lewis, The Office star Kate Flannery, pop star allied Brooke, Lamar Odom, Kel Mitchell and also President Donald Trump’s former press secretary Sean Spicer round out the season 28 celebrity competitors.

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