A year after small Danny"s death, his mom swore she observed him in a stranger"s car... It to be a an enig she might not escape. One obsession that would certainly lead her from the bright lamp of ras Vegas come the cold shadows of the High Sierras. A terrible an enig seen just by... The eye Of Darkness.

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among my friends said this publication a while back but I simply put it off. Then with the beginning of Covid-19, the novel gained an unprecedented popularity and now i can"t really store it aside, right?
The novel began off prefer a ghost story v Danny"s mother seeing her dead boy in one more car. Well, fear is my least favourite genre along with psychological thriller, so i did have a peek at few of the spoilers. Don"t desire to rubbish my mind work recognize the criminal just to realise the it only occurred in the protagonist"s mind. Nope, absolutely not mine thing.
The story tuned out to it is in a thriller with some aspects of the supernatural. Packed v action, the narrative adheres to Tina Evans and also Elliot Stryker on their journey to uncover what really taken place with Danny. Through just an ext than 3 fifty pages, the book can be perfect in one sitting. The plot provides some old cinematic vibes, yet it deserve to only it is in expected due to the fact that this was written way back in 1981.
So to the million dollar question that is top top everyone"s mind: go this 1981 novel guess corona virus? no exactly. Yet a virus named Wuhan-400 (so named due to the fact that it is arisen by the Chinese in Wuhan lab) is the crux of the problem. Fortunately for us, the virus that we suffer is far from lethal contrasted to the one explained in the novel. The author seems to have taken an excellent care no to insinuate something against China and also US, yet may not have succeeded completely. It perform blames both the countries, at the very least that is the way I uncovered it.
Its been one year because Danny Evans died during a camping trip. His mother Tina is in the procedure of coming in terms v this tragedy, but then mysterious things begin to happen. First, she feels the she witnessed Danny in a car, and then a message shows up inside Danny"s old room -- "NOT DEAD". Very first she thinks this is a prank play by her ex-husband, Michael, however a meeting v him gets rid of those doubts.
Meanwhile, she meets Elliot Stryker, a lawyer who previously operated for army Intelligence. There is an instant attraction in between the two. Considering Tina"s flustered state, Elliot decides to petition the reopening that Danny"s grave. She had actually never checked out Danny"s body due to the fact that the authorities advised versus it. His body was too mangled to be recognised. Both believe that as soon as she look at the stays of her son, she will have the ability to accept his death. Then her frequent nightmares entailing Danny trapped in a pit about to be buried alive by a skull face additionally may stop.
Elliot approached Harold Kennebeck, a judge who was likewise his mentor in the Intelligence. He agrees to think around it and when Elliot is attacked at home, he realises that something is amiss. Someone needs to keep Danny"s dig unopened and also Harold has leaked Elliot"s whereabouts to them.
while packing every the things in Danny"s room Tina finds an old fear comic which functions the same skull challenged man in she dreams. It is title "The Boy that Was not Dead". She wracks she memory yet cannot remember check Danny"s comics before. A worker come to examine signs the gas leak in her house and tampers with the pipes. Luckily, Elliot come on time to conserve her from the explosion.
They shed their pursuers and another series of mysterious events convince Tina the her boy is alive. That is Danny who is reaching out come them. Even as a boy, that is known to have strange telepathic powers, and it seems he has actually improved a lot. Since reopening Danny"s grave is no longer possible, their just lead is a collection of questions uncovered in one of the attacker"s body. They were supposed to question Elliot with it.
The Sierra accident which supposed to have actually killed Danny appears to be connected to job Pandora. They decide to talk with Luciano Bellicosti, the coroner who all set Danny"s coffin and fly the end to satisfy him in Reno. Meanwhile, the head the the Nevada office of the Network, George Alexander, numbers out your destination and also things are collection in motion to trap Elliot and Tina when they land.
Elliot find the coroner murdered in his house and also his rapid thinking helps them do a narrow escape. To find Danny"s location Tina tries come channel his power to decide his location in a map. However her psychic is as well restless come cooperate. With the aid of Billy, one of Tina"s friends experienced in hypnotism, they control to find the route eventually.
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borrowing Billy"s car they continue to job Pandora. With Danny"s help they do a smooth entry. The weapons of the security failed come work and also door opened up leading the way. Danny is uncovered in a lab, skeleton thin and full of tubes attached come his body.
Dr. Carlton Dombey, one of the researchers in fee of the experiment on Danny takes their side to rescue the weak boy. It to be a military centre dedicated to chemical and also biological weapons. Indigenous a defected Chinese scientist they got the news of a deadly virus named Wuhan-400. The scientists in the institute managed to create a replica however one the them acquired infected. Instead of complying with the standard actions on such an instance, that panicked and got away. On the means he met the scouts consisting of Danny and they too acquired infected. No one survived other than Danny. They kept him over there to isolate the antibody and also when that is accomplished, Dr. Tamaguchi, the director provided him like a laboratory rat to check how plenty of times he can withstand the assault of the virus. Danny beat that fourteen time so far.
Tina and also Elliot wrapped Danny very closely for the journey back. However Alexander and his cronies had complied with them in a helicopter. Just prior to they land, Danny creates a storm come smash them to pieces. Finally, he is top top his way home.

Acknowledged together "America"s most famous suspense novelist" (Rolling Stone) and as one of today"s many celebrated and successful writers, Dean ray Koontz has earned the devotion of millions of readers about the world and also the worship of critics everywhere for tales of character, mystery, and also adventure that strike come the main point of what it way to it is in human.

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Dean, the writer of countless #1 new York times bestsellers, resides in southern California through his wife, Gerda, their golden retriever, Elsa, and also the enduring spirit of your goldens, Trixie and Anna.
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