Jeanne Martin, a model and Orange key queen who became the wife of singer and also actor Dean Martin during the height of his fame, died Wednesday after ~ a battle with cancer at she Beverly Hills home, her household announced. She was 89.

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After marrying Dean martin in 1949, the pair were one of Hollywood’s many photographed couples. Matriarch of their huge family, she offered birth to three of Dean’s youngsters while raising four more from his vault marriage. Their breakup in 1969 caused almost as lot distress come Martin’s fans together his professional split with companion Jerry Lewis had in 1956.

“Dean’s viewers knew he to be a an excellent husband and also father and the booze-and-broads jokes to be just part of the act,” wrote Lee Hale in the 2000 publication Backstage in ~ the Dean martin Show, having served as musical director for the NBC program.

Born Dorothy Jean Bieggeron march 27, 1927, in Coral Gables, Fla., she walk by Jeanne once she started modeling in Miami. She was voted Orange key queen in 1947. A year later, she concerned the Beachcomber club in Miami to watch a brand-new Year’s Eve show starring Martin and Lewis.

Jeanne kept she had actually never heard of one of two people entertainer until that night. She told writer Nick Tosches for a 1992 story of Dean Martin the upon see him on stage, “We locked eyes and I knew. We just dropped madly in love.”

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A week after Martin was granted a divorce from first wife Betty McDonald, he and also 22-year-old Jeanne Biegger wed on Sept. 1, 1949, in ~ the Beverly Hills residence of Herman Hover, owner of well known Hollywood nightclub Ciro’s. Lewis was best man.

She to be “the ideal thing (next come me) that ever happened to Dean,” created Lewis in a 2005 memoir, Dean & Me.

For 20 years, lock were regarded as among Hollywood’s the happiest couples until on Dec. 10, 1969, Jeanne issued a statement that they were parting ways.

The divorce wasn’t finalized until 1972. Dean Martin to be wed when more, to Catherine Hawn, a hair-salon receptionist, and legally embraced her daughter, Sasha, but that union finished in 1976. Jeanne Martin never ever remarried.

The pair came to be reacquainted in 1987 as soon as one of their sons, actor Dean Paul Martin, was killed at 35 if piloting a military jet. Jeanne and also Dean stayed on an excellent terms till his fatality from respiratory fail on Christmas job 1995.

Eldest daughter Claudia Martin passed away of breast cancer in 2001.

Their youngest son, musician Ricci Martin, died on Aug. 3.

She is made it through by kid Craig Martin; daughters Gail young name Downey, Deana young name Griffeth and Gina martin Romano; and also 11 grandchildren. Funeral solutions will it is in private.

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