On Tuesday, July 24 1956, Jerry Lewis crossed the hallway to the room of Dean Martin, his friend and also comedy partner of 10 years. Lewis wanted some ice prior to their last performances. The 2 wished each various other a great show and Lewis left the room. However when the left, Lewis thought his heart would break. "I was losing my finest friend and also I didn"t understand why," he created in his 2007 memoir Dean and Me (A Love Story). Although they were both sad to watch it happen, Martin and also Lewis knew the "there was no getting around it: the moment had pertained to call that a day."

According to Biography, the devilishly funny duo met in ~ a gig one night and hit that off best away, taking transforms joking approximately with the other during their particular acts. Lock teamed up shortly afterwards, through Dean play the straight man to Lewis"s clown. The Martin and Lewis duo became a family members name through a national radio regimen in 1949, 16 films between 1949-56, and a network TV variety show, The Colgate Comedy Hour.

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After the night of their last three reflects in Atlantic City, another twenty years would pass prior to Martin and also Lewis got back together, according to Country Living. And they didn"t even mean for it to happen.

Lewis organized an annual telethon on labor Day to raise funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. In 1976, a shared friend of the previous comedy duo, open minded Sinatra, arranged because that Martin to show up unannounced on the telethon because that an unforeseen reunion. "You kid of a b****," Lewis was heard mumbling to Sinatra, follow to The Hollywood Reporter. The old friend hugged it the end for the cameras and then fell right earlier into the jocular mode of trusted funnymen that defined their share career years earlier.

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"You know, that seems like we haven"t viewed each various other for 20 years," said Martin, who had actually gone top top to uncover stardom v Sinatra and the various other members of the Rat Pack. "Well, you know," stated Lewis without missing a step, "there was every those rumors about our breaking up — and also then when I began the show and you weren"t there, I thought it." yet even a sneaky, grinning Sinatra wasn"t sufficient to repair old wounds. The 2 wouldn"t truly do amends until the fatality of Martin"s child in a aircraft crash in 1987, and also their friendship, till Martin"s fatality in 1995, might only be defined as casual in ~ best.