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May 13, 2011


It has actually been virtually three weeks since my last blog article. We have been cooking up a storm yet I have actually not had my head in the game. Ns haven't been keeping track of the recipes or taking pictures. There's been a level of disorganization top top my part but the only thing I deserve to say is...life gets in the way.

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This week, I organized myself and am prepared to bring you some an excellent recipes that will complement any kind of cook-out or graduation party you attend this season.

So, let's begin with one of the most basic desserts you can ever make and the quickest dessert to disappear at a party. Technically called "GOO" by mine brother-in-law, this dessert is a holiday tradition. Us made a large bowl the the cacao oreo cookie trifle and also had nothing left after ~ 25+ civilization decided to have a taste after ours Easter feast. It's sweet, it's chocolaty, it's death by chocolate! You can't just have a taste, seconds are always in order.

Not just is this aneasy recipe, friend can adjust it up to make it your own. Think of the numerous combinations...

1. Vanilla wafers, peanut butter cookies, brownies, graham crackers, pound cake, angel food cake or cacao chip cookies deserve to be substituted for Oreo cookies.

2. Vanilla, pistachio, cheesecake or white cacao pudding can be used rather of chocolate.

3. Include nuts, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, mini cacao chips, crushed Butterfinger bars or malted milk balls.

What's your fancy? it is in the HIT of the next gathering you hold or attend. This basic dessert will never disappoint!


2 packages of Oreo cookies

2 huge packages that instant cacao pudding (one consistent chocolate, one dark chocolate)

2 cups of milk

1 cup of half and half cream

2 large containers that cool whip (defrosted in the refrigerator)

1 parcel of pagan Bar bits


Start v the pudding. Location the 2 packages of pudding in a bowl and mix through the milk and fifty percent and half. With a beater, beat ~ above medium-high speed until you with a special pudding consistency. 

Use a huge serving or trifle bowl. Start layering through cool whip top top the bottom complied with by 2/3 of the very first package of oreo cookies, then half the pudding, 1/3 the the bag of heath bar bits, fifty percent the cool whip and also repeat through the cookies, pudding, heath bar bits and cool whip for the top. Sprinkle through the remaining heath bar bits.

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For ideal results, refrigerate overnight. If friend don't have the time, you require at least 4 hrs to allow the oreo cookies to get soft, pass the trifle come the ideal consistency.