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I rolled the end of the campground at 8:30 this morning, after wiping dew off of the bike.  The temperature was 52, and also felt a bit chilly until I rode a bit.

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Last night, while searching for some other information on Google, i learned that Cut bank had a 27-foot high penguin statue at a motel at the eastern edge that town.  The stature that declares top top its base "Welcome come Cut bank Mt. Coldest point out in the Nation." This dubious honor is one that many U.S. Towns consistently vie for.  Others, exterior of Alaska, encompass International Falls, Minnesota (you've likely heard their winter temperatures on weather reports), and Stanley, Idaho.  Apparently, if one pushes a switch on the penguin statue, i m sorry by the method was developed with 10,000 pounds of concrete in 1989, it talks.  I didn't view the button, and online information says it might not it is in working.

I quit at the iconic penguin, leaned my bike versus it and was ready to take it a photo as soon as along come John, walking his dog and offering to take it my photo, which the did:


John is a Montana rancher, that was remaining in the motel, preparing to walk bike over Going to the sunlight Road.  He asked around my ride, noticed ns wasn't moving gear, and asked if i was supported.  I stated that Dee was driving our Rialta, come which he said "my brother has actually one, and also really likes it."  I told him us loved ours and also thought that especially suitable for two people.  He smiled and said that he stays on his boat in the Bahamas in the winter, and also that when world ask how plenty of it sleeps, that replies "it sleeps 2 in luxury, four in comfort, and 6 in bitterness enmity."

As i pedaled out of town I easily realized the this must have been the ar where not just the creek cut the bank, however where the Feds need to have cut the U.S. Highway roadway budget. My 8 come 10 foot shoulder, v rumble strip alongside the white line, quickly readjusted to a 4 foot shoulder.  

One the the amazing sights this particular day was a genuine contrast.  Shorty after ~ riding out of Cut financial institution I spotted oil wells, and also a small farther top top I witnessed NW Energy, reportedly an oil terminal where trucks space loaded.  So ns took this photo:


Then i turned 180 degrees and took this photo:


Perhaps an power transition?  And, lest girlfriend think the was just a grasp of windmills, here's a photo from a little farther down the road:


Along this same area ns noticed a slim blue cable (about the dimension of a phone call wire) running along side the roadway for numerous miles.  So, ns took a picture:


About a quarter of a mile after ns took the photo, the wire crossed the road and ran under the various other side.  Then, probably a mile later, that crossed back and maintained running along my side.  At part point, distracted for a if by various other sights, ns looked down and it was no much longer there.  Anyone have any kind of idea what this is?  They can't just be quick on phone call poles, deserve to they?

Dee and I i ordered it to satisfy in Shelby, about 23 miles from reduced Bank, for breakfast.  We chowed down and I got earlier on the road again.

At about 11 miles east of Shelby ns came across this sign, commemorating the Baker Massacre, now recognized as the Marias Massacre:


You might not be able to read the sign, so here's a attach to the full story at History.com.  Briefly, U.S. Soldiers attacked the dorn camp and also killed practically 200 Pigean Indians, part of the Blackfeet Confederacy.  Most were women and also children, as most of the men were the end hunting.  Other captives, due to the fact that they had actually smallpox, were turned loosened in the freezing cold, without food or appropriate clothing or shelter. Plenty of of castle froze to death.

I left the website with a large lump in my throat.  Even I, an old lefty, acquire pretty patriotic this time of year.  We have actually a lot of to be proud of right here in the U.S. The A.  This is not one of them.  We all have a dark side, nations and individuals, and until we own that dark side, we'll never ever own our lives. Enough said.

About 16 miles the end of Shelby the road further narrowed, leave me a talk area of around 18 customs right versus the white line.  Now 18 inch is many of room to ride…if one is no dodging glass, and also in one instance horse droppings—yes, this is cowboy country.  And, the gusting wind the end of the south was threatening to punch me across the white line.

The Hi-Line (route 2)runs parallel come the railroad many of the means across Montana.  I captured this photograph of two trains passing—actually one was stopped while the various other passed:


You might an alert oil dare on both trains, likely the ones going east are empty.  The troubling thing is the most, if not every one of these oil tank cars room the old, single-walled models—the most likely to explode in a derailment (though even the new ones do at times).  If girlfriend haven't watched the video clip from Lac-Magentic, take it a look in ~ this report from the Weather Channel.

Today was a an excellent day because that seeing other riders on the road.  I passed a couple of going the other way and we waved to each other, yet then I came upon part riders I had a chance to speak to.  I spotted these two folks—Mike & Jamie—walking their bikes in the other direction.  I stopped to ask if every little thing was OK, and Jamie stated that castle were simply tired.  After riding over 900 miles, I sometimes think I'm a pretty big deal.  Then I notice that Jamie is riding a one-speed bike, and also they tell me they've ridden about 500 miles.  And, together you'll watch in this photo, they're both pulling trailers:


So lot for gift a big deal.

Later I came upon Dylan.  He to be heading west, but had pulled over to my next of the road at about the same spot Dee was waiting for me. Here's his photo:


Dylan is speak from north Carolina to "the west"—an undetermined destination. That was obtaining a bit tired of the prairie landscape. Ns reassured him that in a couple of days the landscape would adjust radically. He's likewise writing around his trip.  If you're interested, friend can find his blog here.

Finally, I came upon Jasper and Lua, the riders who we had actually last watched in Whitefish.  While us laid end Sunday in West Glacier come ride Going to the sun on Monday, the 2 of them rode on Sunday—and wished they hadn't.  Apparently they to be shrouded through clouds most of the ride, and even got a small wet. When I observed them this afternoon, they were having tire problems.  One that the bikes had actually a separation in a tire and they had currently gone through two tubes.  I common with castle the old dollar invoice trick because that a damaged tire—folding the bill and lining the tire at the damage point, prior to inserting and also inflating the tube.  It's something I've never had to do, however several friends call me that works prefer a charm to gain you to the next bike shop.  In this instance that's in Havre, an additional 66 miles to the east of Chester.

Having currently seen "purple mountains majesty" ns was excited today to view "amber tide of grain":



The roadside debris, specifically anything the end of the ordinary, was thin today.  Aside from an additional BIC lighter (do folks simply toss these the end the home window when they run out of fuel?), what looked like a mini CD, one more bungee cord, and 3 rubber pack straps, and the obligatory beverage containers, the roadside was pretty clean.

I did realize this day that I've been unintentionally concealing one item that I've viewed quite regularly (I'm certain Dr. Freud would have something come say about that statement)—banana peels.  So why would certainly my subconscious suppress the reality that I've checked out banana peels on the road probably because day one.  Maybe it's in an effort to direction criticism from my other bikers.  Bikers? Why bikers?  Bananas and bikers go together like….well, bananas and bikers.  Every biker I know eats them, and also who else would certainly be dropping them on the roadside? In my last defense of my other bikers, I have to say the they space organic and also will become component of the soil. There, Dr. Freud, slip on that.

There wasn't much roadkill either.  Early top top I observed a fairly big snake.  It was lying belly-up and also I didn't prevent to recognize it.  I just saw one dead floor squirrel.  Either over there aren't as countless here (perhaps they were as well slow and also have been wiped out), or probably they're smarter than their loved ones to the west.  I only saw a couple of live ones as well.  In Shelby I saw a domestic cat the had offered up its nine life.

About 3:30 I come upon these signs:


This was our destination town because that today.  When our girlfriend Doug Shepherd learned v his daughter Heather the we would certainly be security the night in Chester, he dubbed the neighborhood motel and also bought us a hotel room.  Doug and also his 4 brothers prospered up in this home here:


It's right next to the Liberty ar Museum:


Doug's parents raised 5 boys in the 700 square foot house.  Doug's gesture was totally unnecessary, but greatly appreciated.  We felt invited to his residence town.  We ate well tonight at Spud's Café, and also will go ago in the morning for breakfast. I'm not sure if it was right here when Doug was growing up, however if it to be I'm sure he hung out there.

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Tonight we'll cuddling in here in the independence Inn.  Tomorrow we'll make our method to Havre.